Wake up to the rising sun glistening on the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Panamá with that landmark finger of land pointing from Punta Chame to Taboga Island and Panamá City.  You’ll enjoy a cool drink on the wide veranda in the hammock or deck chair, while the gardener tends the fruit and nut trees and the flowers.  The birds sing and the bubbling brook at the edge of your near-acre soothes your soul.  You’ll feel like you are in an eco-tourist paradise – and you are.  Perhaps you’ll sleep late one day and wake to a refreshing mid-morning shower that ensures that everything stays lush and green including the fragrant bougainvillea in three colors, wild orchids, and a seemingly endless variety of other beautiful leafy and flowering plants.

Your new mountain retreat features a wide wrap-around veranda offering amazing views of mountains, valleys, forests, pastures and the ocean.  Off-shore islands and the peninsula of Punta Chame  in the distance.  Kitchen has granite counter top, the kitchen cabinets are of solid wood and handcrafted wooden windows and French doors, Built-in barbeque grill; and stone fireplace and chimney, The house is only about 10 years old and is of sturdy and strong block, steel and cement construction by a local builder well-known for his excellent work.

The downstairs unit has a private entrance and is a fully independent Studio apartment with kitchen, bath, and covered patio with hammock hooks.  This is a potential rental unit.