A new banking resource for Panama Equity Clients

A new banking resource for Panama Equity Clients

Anyone who has tried to open a bank account in Panama over the last few years has met with delays, frustrations, and bureaucracy.  Poor customer service, long delays on approvals, problems with online banking…you name it.
Panama Equity is pleased to announce a formal alliance with FPB Bank, a Brazilian private bank with offices throughout Latin America, and now Panama.
Our relationship with the bank started through a business contact with the bank’s president.  In fact, we were the listing agent on the sale of one of his properties and based on that experience, he has extended an invitation to all of our clients looking for a private banking relationship in Panama.
FPB Bank from their headquarters in Punta Pacifica next to Johns Hopkins offers online banking, brokerage services, and most importantly, fixed rate mortgages, a product previously unheard of in Panama.  Through this new relationship, we are now able to offer mortgages (minimum of $250,000) at a competitive rate with very clear wording, customer service in English, and the type of instant communication better known in business outside of Panama.
The bank is extending their invitation to those clients who are looking for a banking relationship that means no hassles and no frustrations.
If you are fed up with your current bank, or are new to Panama and still looking for a bank that speaks your language, contact me today and I’ll put you in touch with the head of operations to streamline the process.

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