Balboa Academy

Balboa Academy

This Panama school enjoys a US and Panamanian accreditation for all graduates fulfilling the school’s rigorous curriculum. Balboa Academy opened in Panama in 1999 and has almost 800 students enrolled full time in pre-kinder through 12th grade. Applicants to Balboa Academy are encouraged to submit their documents for review in May. Per their website: The Instructional Program is implemented in English. Spanish is taught as both a native and foreign language. French is taught in High School as an additional foreign language. The school year goes from August – June.
Costs of Balboa Academy are the following:

One time $8,000 enrollment fee
$405 annually for Pre Kinder
$850 for K – 12

Pre-Kinder (3-4 years old): $1,194
Kinder (5 years old): $1,194
1st – 5th grade: $1,978
6th – 12th grade: $2,188
The Costs includes text books

Clayton, Ciudad del Saber, Building No. 129
Tel.: 211-0035

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