Is Balboa Avenue Great For Kids? You Bet It Is!

Is Balboa Avenue Great For Kids? You Bet It Is!

The hype for adults is obvious, but Balboa Ave is also a great option for raising kids in the heart of the city. It’s one of the safest parts of town and its daycares, pre-K options and great quality high schools are right up there with the top options in other parts of the city.

On weekends, the Cinta Costera is the obvious draw for families with toddlers all the way to skateboarding teens, with the cleanest, widest, safest and absolutely most pot-hole free sidewalks and respectful drivers (and bikers). On Sundays, the Cinta is closed to cars from 6am to noon.

Three great bilingual options are right in the area, including the Oxford International School, Panama School and the exclusive Instituto Alberto Einstein (which provides Hebrew and Jewish Studies), all offering well-rounded instruction from elementary through to high school.

For daycares, Keydoh has fantastic facilities to keep little ones busy (magnetic climbing wall, mini sky trail…), at Las Naciones you can watch your baby remotely at the rec park on the babycam from 0 – 6 years, and Born to Learn has great classes (aikido for tots…), as well as behavioral and developmental therapists on site. They also offer drop-in care.

This article is part of our Ultimate Guide To Living And Investing On Balboa Avenue.

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