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Insurance in Panama

Insurance in Panama

By in Blog with 2 Comments

kevin_Bradley_Insurance_in_PanamaOne of the biggest reasons folks come to Panama is for the reduced cost of medical care. Real Estate in Panama is getting more and more expensive compared to distressed markets like Florida and California, but try to get your teeth cleaned for under $100 anywhere in the USA. Impossible! It’ll cost you about $35.00 here in Panama.

For more expensive procedures, it’s always recommendable to have good insurance coverage, and there’s no better place to get insurance than from Kevin Bradley. This town is FULL of happy clients of Kevin’s, and we here at Panama Equity are on that list. The team over at Ducret has never let us down. Their service is great, their rates are reasonable, and their coverage includes all of the top hospitals in Panama.

Kevin Bradley is our go-to guy for insurance in Panama. Make sure to visit his site at

About The Author

Kent Davis, founder and Managing Director at Panama Equity real estate, has been widely quoted in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Miami Herald and the Financial Times for his unabashed views on the Panama real estate market. Panama Equity is regarded as one of the most active real estate agencies in Panama and Kent’s articles, reports, and market research projects have been syndicated by press agencies including Bloomberg and the Associated Press.   Connect with the Author via: Email | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+


  1. Michelle Chabassier says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Could you kindly let me know the average price for medical insurance for a couple ( 39 and 53 ) years old plus one baby. This is for medical cover within Panama only please.
    Also do plans cover dental to include dental implants or is that separate and if so how much on average?
    Kind regards
    Michelle Chabassier

    • Kent Davis says:


      This is from Kevin Bradley’s office:

      Good morning Mr. Davis,

      The monthly premium for this Medired plan will be:

      Age 39 $60.89 + 5% tax
      Age 53 $88.90 + 5% tax

      This plan does not include routine dental work or dental implants.

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