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Interview: The Good Life in Panama’s Hidden Gem, Pedasi

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When people talk about Pedasi, they often refer to the beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere of a small town. Locals will show you that Pedasi is a place full of culture and values that makes it the wonderful, lovely town it is.

Jason originally comes from Western Canada but claimed non-resident status five years ago. Since then, he has been continually traveling overseas to a demanding job in the Middle East.  His transient lifestyle had left him yearning for a place to call home away from the cold of the home he had left behind. When it came time to find a new home, he looked south, as he had always enjoyed the strong family values and lively spirit that the Latin culture of South and Central America has to offer.

His search began on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, but he didn’t find exactly what he was searching for. He loved the country but did not feel safe enough to live there. Discussing this with several other travelers, they had told him to consider Panama, as it was much more stable and a safer place to call home.

A few months later, Jason arrived to Panama, a tiny country where anything can happen.  He rented an apartment in Panama City, a center point to discover the hidden gems around every corner. After some site seeing of the obligatory sites around Panama City, the beautiful San Blas islands and the cool coffee rich hills of Boquete, his search for a new home continued. Through Google searches and talking with others, the name Pedasi kept coming up, a little town on the Pacific coast.


The first time he visited, he fell in love with Pedasi and was sure that this beach town was exactly what he was looking for. Both locals and expats, demonstrate the good community values through their actions. Within two weeks of his first visit, he was buying land in a gated beach community located just minutes from Pedasi. He chose this development so he could feel safe and secure that his property could be rented with minimal issues while he continued working overseas. After several one-month visits to Pedasi, he had experienced many activities in the region, the beaches, hikes to waterfalls, eco-tourism and partaking in conservation projects, to name just a few. He knew he had found his home.


Jason is very happy with his experiences in Panama and especially Pedasi. It has a family kind of feeling; where everybody says hi when you pass by on the street. Certainly, for him, a place to call home and raise a family. Jason is currently in the process of building his dream house at an oceanfront gated community. His face reflects the laid back lifestyle he has enjoyed in Panama for several years.

About The Author

Kent Davis, founder and Managing Director at Panama Equity real estate, has been widely quoted in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Miami Herald and the Financial Times for his unabashed views on the Panama real estate market. Panama Equity is regarded as one of the most active real estate agencies in Panama and Kent’s articles, reports, and market research projects have been syndicated by press agencies including Bloomberg and the Associated Press.   Connect with the Author via: Email | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+

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