Oxford School

Oxford School

Oxford School, not to be confused with Oxford International School is another good school in Panama. It is located in Edison Park, off of Transismica and offers classes from Pre-K to 12th grade. All classes are in English with the exception of Social Studies classes, and the school year runs from March to December. Graduates are certified by Ministry of Education and also Cambridge University from England.

Costs for Oxford School are the following

One time incorporation fee: $1,035

Annual Fees:
Pre Kinder I (2 years old): $565.00
Pre Kinder II and III (3 and 4 years old): $600.00
Kinder: $635.00
1st – 5th grade: $980.00
6th – 7th grade: $960.00
8th: $985.00
9th – 10th (Science, Science &Arts): $1,085.00
9th – 10th (Business): $1,025.00
11th (Science, Science & Arts): $1,165.00
11th (Business): $1,105.00
12th (Science, Sciences & Arts): $1,240.00
12th (Business): $1,180.00

Monthly Fees:
Pre-School I and II (2 and 3 years old): $160.00
Pre Kinder III (4 years old): $180.000
Kinder – 1st grade: $220.00 2th – 5th grade: $240.00
6th – 8th grade: $290.00
9th – 10th grade: $305.00
11th – 12th grade: $335.00

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