Panama Buyers Agents

Panama Buyers Agents

A buyers agent is someone who represents the buyer in a real estate transaction. They work with other real estate agents, in this case listing agents, to identify and show property that is within the search criteria and price range of their client. With no multiple listing service in Panama, in order to locate and analyze every available opportunity, it is critical to have a professional, informed, and dilligent buyers agent on your side. The TIME and EXPENSE that you will save are two of the principal benefits of using a buyers agent.

Why use a buyers agent? First, a bit about what a buyer’s agent is and what role they play in a real estate transaction.

A buyers agent will:
-represent YOU in the transaction
-spend the time to learn and discuss exactly what it is you are looking for
-work with all brokers in Panama to locate the property you are looking for
-negotiate on your behalf with the listing agent/seller for the best possible terms
-insure that you close the sale as quickly and efficiently as possible with the BEST PRICE and TERMS

Benefits of using a buyer’s agent
-Save time not having to see the same properties more than once
-Save time not having to explain what you are looking for to each agent you work with
-Save time not having to go through each and every multiple listing service
-Save MONEY by not paying exorbitant prices
-Save MONEY not paying exorbitant commissions
-PIECE OF MIND knowing that you will be taken care of from start to finish and beyond!

We take our role seriously as Buyers Agents in Panama, and have many happy clients that have used our services. If you are considering real estate in Panama, your best move is to find a qualified buyers agent.

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