Raising kids in Panama

Raising Kids in El Cangrejo

We raised our families in El Cangrejo and can truly say it’s great for kids, with a host of options from bilingual daycares all the way through to excellent high schools.  Parque Andres Bello is our go-to spot on weekday afternoons, where you’ll find families (and kids) from all over the world playing on brand new equipment, including my 4 year old’s favorite, the kid-friendly zip line!

Even families with very young children will appreciate El Cangrejo’s decent (we can’t say great just yet) sidewalks, leaps and bounds better to the rest of the city but not quite first world yet.  That said, cars for the most part are very respectful when they see a stroller.  And safety’s a non issue in El Cangrejo, given the hotels, buildings, and tourist activity going on 24/7.

Happy Kids (4 months – 6 years) and Tu Guia (1 – 4 years) are both bilingual daycares and kindergarten. The Oxford School (20 months – 18 years) uses the British curriculum and offers IGCSEs and AICEs for grades 9 – 12 (both the IGCSEs and AICEs are accredited by the University of Cambridge International Exam Standards). It’s particularly strong in the sciences, IT and business and has excellent facilities, a pool and after-school/weekend sports programs. Also check out Lincoln Academy and the Episcopal School of Panama, both smaller bilingual college prep schools, with intensive French and Japanese instruction also on offer at the latter, as well as Colegio de la Salle (a Catholic school).

So there’s no need to leave your kids in boarding school back home while you enjoy life on the Isthmus 🙂

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