Saint Marya's School of Panama

Saint Mary’s School of Panama

The next school on our list is the Saint Mary’s School of Panama, located in the Albrook neighborhood of Panama City. This is considered an “ international “ school because the majority of the students are from all over the world and they also use the American and European calendar of August – May. Classes are entirely in English, and degrees are recognized by the Ministry of Public education. There are currently spots available for the upcoming school year at St. Mary’s. St Mary’s Panama campus has almost 1,643 students and is one of the largest schools in Panama.
Annual Fees for St Mary’s School Panama are
PK $348.00 (4 years old)
K $ 353.00 (5 years old)

Monthly Costs of St Mary’s Panama are
PK: $145.00
K – 6th: $155.00
7th-9th: $160.00
10th-12th: $165.000

Additional fees are $350/year

Albrook, Sanpeterburgos edif. 861
315-0724/ or 315-0725

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