Some of our favorite Restaurants in El Cangrejo Panama

Some of our favorite Restaurants in El Cangrejo Panama

If you are looking for a good restaurant in El Cangrejo, you’re never more than a block away from some of Panama’s best food offerings. The restaurant selection in El Cangrejo is varied and includes high-end dining all the way down to street vendors, making its variety one of the best in Panama.

Rincon Suisa (aka 1985): This El Cangrejo original has been in the same spot for over 20 years and rare is the night that this restaurant is empty. Chef Willy Diggelmann has established a name for himself as one of Panama’s top restaurateurs and has a solid presence in El Cangrejo with three different restaurants under his ownership. Rincon Suisa features a Swiss-German menu, meaning entrees are very rich and the ingredients include heavy creams, savory meats, and some very elegant seafood selections. The average entree runs upwards of $22.00, meaning Rincon Suiza is one of the more pricy restaurants in Panama and certainly in El Cangrejo. Ricon Suiza is located one block off of Via Veneto, turning right just after the Tryp Hotel.

El Caribe.  Looking for authentic Caribbean cuisine?  El Caribe delivers, with their emphasis on fresh, local ingredients including Corvina prepared Caribbean style, Langonstinos, Conch, and Octopus among some local favorites like Sao (pickled pig feet) and ceviche with a touch of picante.  Prices start at around $14.00 and the food and service are consistent.  El Caribe’s Via Argentina location, one block from the park also makes for great people watching!

El Cangrejo has a number of restaurants featuring Panamanian food, including El Trapiche, Restaurante del Prado, and Manolo’s. Make sure to try the Bistec Picado at El Trapiche, the Cuban sandwich at Del Prado, and the chuleta a lo macho at Manolos.

For more local food, make sure to visit one of the best kept secrets in El Cangrejo, the little known restaurant Don Blas on the opposite side of Via Espana from Via Argentina. This fantastic El Cangrejo restaurant features a 100% Panamanian menu and is actually owned by the same group as Manolos, but the prices are cheaper! It’s a total “locals style” spot featuring fantastic Panamanian dishes like Sancocho (chicken soup with yucca), bistec picado (chopped beef with vegetables), Corvina (our local white fish), and some fantastic, fresh batidos (fruit shakes). If you are looking for a good value, in a clean, family friendly atmosphere, Don Blas is one of Cangrejo’s best!

There are also some fantastic options for restaurants in El Cangrejo if you are looking to dine on the cheap. Asados Gaby is Panama’s go-to spot for roasted chicken, fried plantains, lentils, and roasted pork chops. Check out Mordito del Burro for killer Mexican tacos and Margaritas, along with some great little pop-up style Colombian food trucks just opposite the Veneto Hotel.

For higher-end dining in El Cangrejo, check out authentic Spanish Cuisine at Casa Angel located on Via Argentina, just across the street from the park.  Al Azahar is a El Cangrejo newcommer and has taken over the high end dining scene with their eclectic and always-fresh menu.  Be prepared to drop some coin though!

And if you are in El Cangrejo, you owe it to yourself to visit La Tasca de Duran, located one block up from the Power Club Gym, on Calle Alberto Navarro.  La Tasca de Duran is owned by the famous boxer Roberto Duran, and most nights from Thursday – Saturday you can catch the local celebrity hanging out with diners.  La Tasca de Duran has some fantastic local options including their whole fried fish and a Panamanian twist on Paella.

For sushi in El Cangrejo, Tsugoi is a must.

Other restaurant options in this eclectic neighborhood include Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan, Mexican, Chinese, and Argentinian cuisine. You are never more than a block away from a great restaurant in El Cangrejo!  Having plenty of great places to eat makes the neighborhood a great place to live.  Click here to check out property listings and more  El Cangrejo real estate.

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