World Summit in Panama, A Rousing Success

World Summit in Panama, A Rousing Success

This past week, Panama hosted nearly every world leader in Latin America for a regional summit.  Attendees included President Obama, Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro, and 33 other leaders and Heads of State from the region.

The event was a success and proof to the world that Panama can host such high profile gatherings. Of course it was an economic windfall for local business owners. Cuba was invited for the first time ever and the event, with Panama in the backdrop, marked historic progress in US/Cuban relations.

Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, also in attendance, used the Summit to announce that Panama would be the next country up for his project which seeks to bring internet to poor and socially disadvantaged populations.

Carlos Slim was also in attendance and no doubt handed out some business cards.

With over 80% hotel occupancy and very few registered complaints, the publicity really put Panama on the map and set a precedent for future gatherings.

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