Own A Piece of Caribbean Paradise...That Pays For Itself!

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Living in paradise, just got affordable...

In fact, your tropical dream home can more than cover its own costs. It can actually make you money, even as you’re using it.


Once you understand that, your exotic getaway stops feeling like a senseless, risky luxury purchase and more like a smart investment that also happens to melt your stress.


Of course, you need to know where to look. And right now, there’s no better place to look than Panama’s Red Frog Beach.


Too good to be true? Check it out for yourself…

Introducing The Spectacular Blue Pearl Island Suites

Every morning you’ll wake up to a stretching coastline of soft, golden sand and crystal blue waters winking in the sunlight…


Set on the coast of Isla Bastimentos near energetic Bocas del Toro, Red Frog Beach is an entirely separate world.


Take advantage of the energy, the diverse Caribbean ecology, and privacy like no other property you can find at this price.

We're not the only ones that think Red Frog Beach is the dream location for your new Caribbean home...

The Huffington Post calls Red Frog Beach “One of earth’s most amazing national parks.” And while living in a national park might sound expensive, nothing could be further from the truth.
Huffington Post
"The Red Frog Beach community offer sleek and refined layouts that all feature spectacular, unspoiled views of the blue Caribbean Sea."
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Ocean Home Magazine

Not only are these luxury Caribbean condominiums very affordable they even pay for themselves...

Guaranteed Income

The resort’s turnkey property management guaranteed income whether or not someone is using your property. Get paid to luxuriate in paradise or make money off your property while you’re away from the beach.

But, that's just your minimum rental income

The booming economy of nearby Bocas Del Toro continues to attract international attention and wealthy visitors from around the world – potentially bringing much higher income.


And then, there’s appreciation. Bocas Del Toro is predicted to skyrocket in the coming years, lifting the value of your property far beyond what you’ll pay now. Getting in on the ground-level now means towering profits later on.

An asset that pays for itself

As the delivery date approaches your property will appreciate and cover its own cost


And with the turnkey management program, you can expect to see a quick turnaround. Rather than sweating the cost of your property, you’ll be able to enjoy it knowing it’s paying for itself.

Here's why this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal...

As the Red Frog Beach area is developing into a 5-star resort, it can offer beachside properties at a fraction of their normal cost. This is not going to last long, and we only have 15 units remaining right now.


Where most gorgeous beachside suites cost an arm and a leg, Red Frog’s current prices make it significantly more affordable.

Get Your Free Brochure for the Blue Pearl Island Suites at Red Frog right here...

Blue Pearl Island Suites: Property Brochure


 Download your brochure and see what your life could be like at you’re own slice of the Caribbean.

Come home to your Caribbean paradise...

Red Frog beach is located on Isla Bastimentos in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. 


Here’s an idea of what you would be waking up to every day…

To get there you take a direct flight from Panama City to Bocas Town. From there, hop on a quick water taxi that will take you through exotic mangrove glades to arrive at the beautifully white-sanded Red Frog Beach Island Resort.

Blue Pearl Island Suites: What's included?

Blue Pearl Island Suites are fully titled, freehold beachside condominiums – no timeshares here – that feature open floor plans, extra high ceilings, and ergonomic design to take maximum advantage of Red Frog’s beauty while still being very easy on your wallet. 


Each unit also gets you and up to eight family members full, unrestricted access to all the resort’s amenities: private beach club, marina, restaurants, and more.

Construction is due for completion in 2021, so you can set up a payment plan with plenty of space to be sure you “get in on the ground floor” of this exceptional resort development with unit prices starting at under $200,000. 


And remember, every suite comes with year-round on-site property management and an almost unheard of 15% dividend, whether you’re in residence, or not. 


That makes these 796 sq ft suites the perfect home away from home for investors who want the convenience of a private vacation home without all the hassle

Take a Look Inside: Blue Pearl Exclusive Floor Plans


 Download your brochure to receive exclusive floor plans and see what life is really like on the Caribbean.

Ready for some more action? Bocas del Toro is the place to be...

When you’re ready for some action, Bocas del Toro is the place to be. This vibrant and upbeat hub is just a short ten-minute boat ride from Red Frog Beach, so getting there and back at your leisure is simple. 


A dreamy and seductive multicultural playground, the many bars, restaurants, and shops of Bocas exude a unique Afro-Caribbean ambiance. It’s the perfect place for a romantic candlelight dinner, an unforgettable day out with the family, or a night out on the town with your friends.

Your tropical dreamscape at Red Frog Beach...

Your daily backdrop will be clear, bright skies over emerald treetops filled with the music of exotic birds. And the fine spray of ocean mist on your face will be the perfect complement to the balmy average 80-degree Fahrenheit weather.

But daily life in Red Frog Beach offers much much more....

Catch of your lifetime

Take advantage of Bocas Del Toro’s world-class tarpon fishing for the likes of marlin, yellowfin, blackfin, and bigeye tuna.

Charter a relaxing cruise

Sail around the island while indulging in private luxury. Enjoy spectacular ocean sights you won’t find anywhere on the island.

Tropical island adventure

Pick up a kayak or bike and explore the gorgeous island scenery. There’s always something new to discover at Red Frog Beach.

Get closer to nature

Swim with dolphins off the coast of Islas Zapatillas for an unforgettable experience with the island’s wildlife.

Learn More About Life in Paradise: Property Brochure


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and download our brochure to learn more about this development in Caribbean paradise.

Why Panama is the perfect place to buy real estate

What’s more, Panama is one of the best countries in the world for expats to buy real estate. That’s because tourism makes up a huge part of the country’s economy, so its tax laws are designed to attract as many foreign investors as possible.

When you buy property in Panama, you can rest assured you’re getting the absolute best deal on your dream home. You don’t need to worry about paying extra just so the government gets a larger cut.

Buying Panamanian property comes with substantially less risk than in other countries that try to squeeze as much money out of foreigners as possible.


So, at the end of the day you can feel like your tropical getaway is a safe and intelligent purchase rather than a risky luxury expense.

From a financial standpoint, Panama is a wonderfully secure and stable place to invest...

The country’s dollar economy protects it from unpredictable exchange rates, an assurance you’ll always get the most bang for your buck. 


This also means there’s no need to worry about inflation regardless of politics. 


And Panama’s political stability and ever-growing skyline mean you can expect your property to appreciate quickly and reliably, with little to no bumps in the road

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Get more information on how to enjoy Red Frog’s crystalline waters and seductive sands for pennies on the dollar.

How much does it cost to live in paradise?

A whole lot less than you may think. These fully titled, freehold condominium suites start at under $200,000, if purchased in the construction phase. 


Once Blue Pearl is completed, we expect the demand for luxury living in an ecologically protected landscape will skyrocket. So, if there are any units still available, they will sell at a premium.

Remember, this project is unique in both its luxe resort amenities and its “green appeal” because special attention has been paid to certified sustainable building and ecologically ethical design. 


Not only do you get full luxury resort permissions for everything from the marina to restaurants but you also get one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful hidden beaches just steps from your door.



Plus, the unique dividend-producing ownership and year-round, on-site management means that your investment in Blue Pearl could easily pay for itself, fast, even if you are not in residence. 


No matter when you purchase, Blue Pearl Island Suites will prove a smart investment for your family and the environment… 


But why spend extra money when you don’t have to? 


Take advantage of the incredible construction pricing today to save money.

Take a closer look at this world-class Caribbean development that pays for itself...

Red Frog Beach is designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible...

And that’s not all talk. 80% of Red Frog is designated as a nature reserve. 




That means once construction is finished within the remaining 20% of the island, that’s it. No need to worry about someone else buying up land or ruining the tree line and oceanfront views with other buildings. 


In fact, Red Frog’s environmental restoration efforts have brought more vegetation to the island and revitalized formerly deforested areas. 


So instead of feeling guilty about your property’s impact on the environment, you can feel like a responsible ‘citizen of the world,’ knowing you’re actually helping to restore and maintain the natural splendors you enjoy every day.

Thanks to this environmental approach, Red Frog can offer stunning experiences like...

  • Soaring through the jungle on a canopy zipline tour. Discover breathtaking sights that will only grow more beautiful with time as the resort continues to protect them.
  • Snorkeling in sparkling tropical waters. Explore a world under Red Frog’s waters even more surreal and otherworldly than the one on land.
  • Hiking through one of the world’s most biodiverse areas. You’ll witness over 300 different species of rare and exotic birds in a single location, a beautiful experience you won’t find anywhere else on Earth.
  • Taking in the scenery at Starfish Beach. Soak in one of the world’s rarest sights with acres of colorful starfish basking in the clear, shallow waters.
  • Touring through Isla Bastimentos’ cave system. You’ll see sloths, red frogs, bat colonies, and other tropical animals and gain a keen understanding of how the island’s unique ecosystem is interconnected.

Red Frog aims to set a new standard among the world’s resorts to preserve the very natural beauty people come to enjoy. 

What’s more, Red Frog Beach is the largest solar energy-producing island resort in the Western Hemisphere. 22% of the resort’s power comes from clean, renewable solar energy. 


So you can fully relax in your tropical island getaway knowing that as you do, you’re helping to protect the environment.


With property at Red Frog, you can enjoy the captivating splendor and spirited lifestyle of the Caribbean at a fraction of the normal cost, all while making money from it.


Check out our Blue Pearl island suite listing here for a dream Caribbean getaway that pays for itself!

Still Wondering If This Is For You?

If you’ve read through this entire page, there’s a part of you that is probably wondering what life could be like in your very own Caribbean paradise. 


And if that’s the case, then you should consider the following before passing up this chance at living out your dreams at Red Frog Beach

50% Inventory Sold
Limited Inventory At These Prices
Priority Status As Our Clients
Exclusive Caribbean Paradise

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