Welcome to Buenaventura!

Welcome to Buenaventura Panama, one of Panama’s most elite beach communities. In this beach-front gated community, you’ll find beautiful homes, five-star resorts, a world-class golf course, and an unbeatable stretch of the Pacific coast. 

It’s no wonder that Buenaventura is home to presidents and some of Panama’s most affluent families, not to mention some in-the-know expats.

Popular Buenaventura Panama Real Estate

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular listings in Buenaventura right now. If anything catches your eye, be sure to use the contact form next to the listing to request further information. From there, one of our professional brokers will follow up with you in less than 24 hours!

Getting to Buenaventura

Located an hour and a half from the nation’s capital, Buenaventura was one of the original planned beach communities outside of Panama City.

As such, residents of Buenaventura enjoy mature trees, paved roads, and underground electric lines. All of which make the community an example of perfection when it comes to development. 

Apart from the striking natural beauty of Buenaventura, there is plenty here that keeps residents comfortable and happy. Residents of the community are able to use all of the amenities and installations of the Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, a five-star resort located within Buenaventura.

Residents also have full access to all of the restaurants, golf club, beach club, spa, and much more.  As a result, owning a home at Buenaventura is almost like being on vacation at a five-star resort ALL of the time. What better way to live?

What to Expect in Buenaventura

Is Buenaventura the right place for you? If you love golfing, spending time at the beach, relaxing, and pampering yourself, then Buenaventura is perfect for you.
Residents of Buenaventura love that there is a small community feel. Here, neighbors get to know one another, and yet the individual properties provide owners with tons of privacy. All of which is important given some of the high profile residents of the gated community.
Buenaventura Golf Club
buenaventura beachfront development
Expat residents of Buenaventura tend to be retirees who spend either all or some of the year living here. Buenaventura is also popular with golf enthusiasts, thanks to the golf course which is known as one of the best in the country. There is even an Expat Golf League, hosted by the Buenaventura Golf Club that hosts an annual expat golf tournament.

What To Expect in Buenaventura Real Estate

Residents who are selling Buenaventura homes prefer to maintain their privacy. As a result, many homes and condos for sale here often go unlisted. In addition, Buenaventura offers some of the best beach homes in the region. It also has beautiful surroundings and great amenities. Consequently, demand is high!
As such, prospective buyers in Buenaventura should work with a real estate agency that is well connected to the community.

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Life In Buenaventura Panama

Living in Buenaventura is all about enjoying your surroundings and taking part in activities that make you happy. If golfing is your love language, you could get in 18 holes before lunch every day.
There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beach, whether it’s from a lounge chair with a drink in hand, or during a morning walk. And when it comes to the ultimate in pampering, a trip to Corotú Spa is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.
For dining, you have plenty of great restaurant opportunities located in Buenaventura. Most of the restaurants are associated with the five-star resort which means you’ll be getting the best quality and service in the area.
If you’re willing to venture outside of Buenaventura, there are also some great dining options in the surrounding beach areas. A quick drive east to Santa Clara will find you tons of local eateries both within the small town and along the beach.

Shopping in Buenaventura Panama

Likewise, Buenaventura has a number of options for buying groceries. The nearest large-scale grocery store is Super 99 which is just up the road at the entrance to Playa Blanca and about ten minutes from Buenaventura. Many have remarked that this Super 99 is even better than the majority of those found in Panama City.

As for shopping, there are a few gift shops located within the hotels of Buenaventura, but in order to do any serious shopping, you’ll need to head up the road to where the Super 99 is located. Here, you’ll find a number of stores which all share a parking lot area including a dollar store, a department store, and a pharmacy.

Current Buenaventura Real Estate Listings

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