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Owner Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

Landlords, have you ever had someone call you panicked on a weekend about a leaking ceiling? Or have you had to cut a vacation short to deal with a tenant’s plumbing emergency? If so, then chances are, you could greatly benefit from the services of a property management company.  Owning investment property is a great…

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The Best Caribbean Beaches in Panama You Need to Visit

Soft sand between your toes…    A gentle breeze on your face…    The sounds of swaying palms and lapping waves…    There’s a reason that Caribbean beaches are known as some of the best beaches in the world. They offer unparalleled natural beauty and an environment that almost anyone would agree is paradise.   …

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How To Live The Good Life in A Magical Caribbean Paradise

Bocas del Toro vs. Puerto Viejo

It’s pretty hard to argue over the beauty of Caribbean beaches, with their crystal clear waters, bright blue skies, and soft white sand.  Which Caribbean beach is the best, though, is a question that can prompt some serious debate. With hundreds of islands and thousands of beaches to choose from, choosing a favorite Caribbean beach…

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Blue Pearl Suites, situated on the incredible Red Frog Beach.

Why Have You Not Heard Of This Breathtaking Beach?

Which is the most beautiful beach in the world? It’s tough competition for the top spot, with so many incredible, popular beach destinations from Jamaica to Costa Rica or Costa Rica to Hawaii…  The problem is, in most of these places they’re completely swamped with tourists! So when you’re actually there on one of the…

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