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Panama Stopover Program: Everything You Need to Know

What would you say if we told you you could get two vacations for the price of one? Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Well, starting in 2020, there’s a new program that allows travelers to do just that. The Panama Stopover program will allow international travelers to add a Panamanian vacation to their…

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11 Unmissable Brunch Locations in Panama City

There’s nothing quite as synonymous with a relaxing weekend as brunch. In fact, it’s the only meal of the day exclusively reserved for Saturday and Sunday mornings. While brunch hasn’t always been a weekend staple in Panama, in recent years, dozens of restaurants have rolled out brunch menus. These menus range from elegant and wholesome,…

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Renting a car in Panama City

The Ultimate Guide To Renting A Car In Panama

Planning your perfect Panamanian road trip? You’re probably considering renting a car. There are tons of pros and cons of renting a car in Panama. Being behind the wheel provides a sense of freedom and allows you to make all the decisions. However, there are certainly some downsides if you aren’t prepared.  Read on for…

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