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The Best Burger Joints in Panama

If you haven’t caught on yet, Panama City is in the midst of Burger Week! Lucky for us, Burger ‘Week’ actually lasts a full 20 days and during this time burger joints across the city offer special deals on their most creative hamburgers. All of the burger fever these past weeks have inspired us to…

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Schools in San Francisco, Panama City: What Are Your Options?

There are plenty of considerations one must take into account when it comes to choosing where to live within a given city. Proximity to work, safety, walkability, and nearby businesses all play their part in making the decision. For families, though, another not-to-be-ignored factor to consider is the quality and location of nearby schools. For…

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Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Panama City

Tourism in Panama offers a little bit of everything given all of the incredible sites, outdoor activities, culture, and cuisine that our country has to offer. Luckily, we have many phenomenal hotels to keep up with the demand for those visiting the nation’s capital. While there are plenty of hotel chains that offer comfortable and…

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