Explore Panama Real Estate

Explore Panama Real Estate

Explore Panama Real Estate. There is no other country in the world that has everything that Panama offers.

Panama has so much to explore, from bustling Panama City to the tranquil beaches and countryside of Pedasi. At Panama Equity Real Estate, our aim is to provide as much insider information as possible about Panama, which is why we created this Explore Panama section. Take your time exploring this area, which is where you will find information on a wide range of subjects on Life in Panama including the best places to buy fresh vegetables, information on insurance in Panama, our picks for Panama’s best beaches, restaurant reviews, and of course detailed neighborhood information for those clients who are investigating purchasing real estate in Panama.


Whether it’s a laid back lifestyle or the hustle and bustle of a world class city, Panama offers something for everyone. We have two oceans within a one hour drive of Panama City, beautiful mountains to explore, beaches to relax on, and untouched rainforest to discover.

Tax Advantages

The government has been courting foreign investment in Panama for the last four years. The administration has passed legislation to encourage investors, including: 20 year property tax exoneration on all new construction, no double taxation on income earned outside of the country, huge retiree discounts and low sales taxes. Panama also offers asset protection through offshore incorporation.


Safe streets, no hurricanes, and a solid banking industry make this a safe place to vacation, invest, and live.