How to become a part of the Coronado community

How to become a part of the Coronado community

Coronado has a busy social scene with book clubs, Spanish lessons, bocce ball clubs, mahjong and more to get you involved.

Given its large retired and semi retired expat community, it also offers many opportunities to volunteer.  An organization called Spay The Strays and local orphanages are the most popular options, but beach clean-up groups and a volunteer-run hospice care foundation have also sprung up recently. And, the rotary club is always a good way to get into new projects: they recently organized a fundraiser to buy 120 wheelchairs for those lacking access.

And the community fitness events are even more fun, no matter your level of fitness. There’s beach volleyball at the Bahia Tower Thursday through Sunday, a group running club on Sundays and local marathons of all distances every few months too.  


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