Healthcare in Panama: How to find the best insurance plan that meets your needs, and your budget

Getting hurt is never a good thing, whether you’re traveling or at home, which is why health insurance in Panama is critical for pretty much everyone. Illness and injury can be a frightening experience, but thankfully, Panama is equipped with world-class healthcare, to handle any emergency or recurring situation that may arise. When you need medical care and medical coverage, you want fast action, quality doctors and facilities, and you don’t want it to cost you a fortune. This is one area where Panama really shines, and the proof is in the positive experiences from the thousands of people who call Panama their new home.

Make sure you find the right plan for you, to keep you covered in case of emergency

If you’ve recently moved to Panama, or are planning a move here, getting quality health insurance to cover the unexpected should be top of mind. After all, nothing stings more than an outrageous medical bill after you’ve been treated. It’s like adding insult to injury (literally), and can really hamper your financial situation both short and long term. Choosing the right insurance plan, and provider, is all about assessing your needs, as well as your budget. Pretty much all private health insurance premiums are offered at substantially lower costs than the US, and access to care is both efficient, and reliable. This means that you can get the coverage you need, at the cost you want, with the quality of care you expect.

What are your options for Panama healthcare, and how much do they cost?

You have lots of options for local and international healthcare, as well as number of world-class international health insurance companies that include coverage for applicants up to 74-years-old. Premiums for these plans run the gamut as far as cost goes, however as a rule of thumb, you’ll always get a lower premium if you opt for a higher deductible. Deductibles range anywhere from 0 to $20,000 with many plans maxing out as high as a $2,000,000 “annually renewable” limit, when it comes to catastrophic coverage policies. Another huge plus for expats is that most of these plans cover in-patient benefits like hospitalization costs, emergencies, and out-patient surgeries. As far as age goes, the cost per deductible can be broken down like this:

  • Age 55-59 with a deductible of $5k per year will be, on average, $2,200 per year.
  • Age 65 with a deductible of $5k per year will be, on average, $3,500 per year

Where you can use your healthcare in Panama, and how this coverage affects you

You can use your private healthcare at any of the country’s private hospitals or medical clinics, which are staffed by bilingual (English/Spanish) doctors and nurses, many with their own Air-Evac and trauma teams as well (like Hospital Punta Pacifica, and Paitilla Medical Center). There are also a number of excellent private doctors available through their own practices, who will fall under your coverage as well. Plus, if you require a regular schedule of medication, routine treatments or therapy, or even “just to be sure” check-ups, you’ll find that your healthcare will cover lots of the cost, and that you’ll have a number of high quality options to choose from as you make your decision.

Healthcare in Panama is good, affordable, and easier to access than you think. Don’t delay in setting up your plan, and checking one more important thing off the list as you plan your life here in Panama! For more info on health insurance in Panama, visit

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