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[Panama Essentials] SiempreEventos – DeGustaPanama and Delicentro

There are a few essential websites that most of us who live in Panama are already familiar with which all visitors should be aware of.

The first is, designed to answer the question “What are we going to do this tonight.”  It’s a digital directory of everything going on in Panama over the next weeks and months, and the site is updated daily.

For example, this week my wife and I were deciding what to do on Friday night.  Turns out (we had no idea) that there is a really famous jazz musician who happens to be doing a show at Danilos Jazz Club in Casco, there’s  circus in town, and apparently a stand up comedian playing Atlapa.  Now our only problem is to decide how to fit in all three!

Another must-have website is, who have done a great job categorizing Panama’s growing culinary scene by price, cuisine, area, and popularity.  For a country that’s really matured over the last 10 years, Degusta is definitely worth adding to your favorites.  They’ve got a great app as well.

And a third website, also for foodies, is, by far the best website for food deliveries in Panama.  If traffic’s bad, don’t worry…these guys scoot around on motorcycles and weave in and out of traffic to get food to you while it’s still hot!  Last check, they had Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Colombian, Peruvian, and Panamanian options, plus standard fare like burgers, pizza, and deli sandwiches.

Viva la Vida Digital!

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