Surfing at one of the famous Azuero beaches

Pedasi and Azuero Beaches: Surf, Bodyboarding, and SUP

Introduction to Pedasi and Azuero Beaches

No matter how much you love your job, family, and day-to-day life, there comes a time when everyone craves a little escape from reality. While there are plenty of places to find this escape, you can’t do much better than one of the incredible Azuero beaches.

Known for its spectacular Pacific beaches and relatively undiscovered vibe. This area is a favorite for locals and travelers alike.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your beach time, the Azuero beaches have something for you. Whether it’s surfing, paddle-boarding, or just lounging by the sea.

For both the adrenaline junkie and the soul surfer in search of a peaceful connection to the sea. Read on to get the scoop on some of our favorite Azuero beaches and the activities they’re best known for.

El Ciruelo

El Ciruelo is a rocky bottom point break located 20 minutes from Pedasi. Often overlooked for other beaches in the area,

This makes it the perfect destination for those who like a little privacy with their beach escape. It is rarely surfed, but when conditions are ‘business time’ perfect (big swell, no wind) this break fires off some choice left barrels.  

Surf breaks are a long swim from shore but “worth it” because you’ll most likely have it all to yourself. El Ciruelo is also a great beach for shore casting for snook, corvina, mackerel and other inshore species.

El Ciruelo: Pedasi Beach

Playa Panamaes

Pass by Playa Los Destiladeros and keep driving for another 10 minutes to reach Playa Panamaes. Playa Panamaes is a sandy beach break and a favorite for bodyboarders because of its consistent rights and lefts.

The beach is somewhat remote and is usually empty. Except for a few locals who show up to take advantage of good swells. Make sure you bring an umbrella and plenty of water, though. There is very little shade and there are no services once you get there.

Playa Panamaes: Azuero Beach

Playa Venao

Playa Venao is a world-class beach break that catches just about any swell. A mere 30-minute drive from Pedasi, this beach will keep you coming back time and again. For the best waves go at medium-to-high tide

For seasoned surfers, the main break is located towards the center of the half-moon beach. Beginners can find more moderate swell and smaller crowds on either side of the bay. This break is a paradise for anyone wanting an adrenaline-infused adventure.

Playa Venao: Pedasi Beaches

Playa Guanico

Continuing the tour to Tonosí is Playa Guanico. Playa Guanico is one of the most remote beaches on this list. Which makes it a perfect destination for those really looking to get away.

The beach is framed by two rocky points and a sandy beach break in between which produces both rights and lefts. There are a few spots for a simple meal or accommodations along the beach. And check out Surfcamp Guanico if you want to rent equipment or stay overnight.

Playa Guanico

Playa Cambutal

Drive another 10 minutes past Playa Guanico, and you’ll arrive at Playa Cambutal. A harmonious break full of rights and lefts for all manners of surf.

Located at the proverbial ‘end of the road,’ the waves of Cambutal break across seven great locations. Of the seven, the three most consistent are “411”, Horcones, and Corto Circuito.

“411” is a point break with a long right over a rocky bottom that is best during medium-to-high tide. Horcones is a beach break with stable rights and lefts.

Corto Circuito is a rock bottom point break. It has a very powerful peak that fires a huge tube before peeling down the point for about 300 feet.

These breaks are for seasoned surfers, and the paddle in separates the men from the boys. Not the surfing type? Walk the stretch of coast, take in the views, or grab a beer at the small scattering of beach restaurants. If you want to make a weekend trip of it, Hotel Playa Cambutal is a great option for an overnight stay.


So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip to one of these incredible Azuero beaches to enjoy everything this region has to offer.

Surf’s Up!


  1. James Wright

    on said  

    Howdy Kent. Just a suggestion. If you could include a sectional map to show the areas in your posts, it would be most helpful. For someone not familiar with Panama it would be very useful. I look forward to visiting Panama next year and checking out possible retirement locatios.
    Thanks. Jim Wright

  2. Eleanor Woodward

    on said  

    How about a bay or beach with calm waters? We’re not surfers just two old retirees wanting to live by calm clear waters with white sand

    • Kent Davis

      on said  

      Hi Eleanor, thanks for your comments! There are actually quite a few beaches in and around the Pedasi and Venao areas. More than I can count 🙂 That said, Panama’s pacific side has some beaches that have white sand, others grey, brown, and black sand. And some days the water is clear all the way down, other days it’s a bit murky but not because of pollution. Hope we have a chance to see you down here soon!


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