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Pedasi — Panama’s best sport fishing destination

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Panama deserves its reputation as one of the best places in the world for fishing and Pedasi tops those lists for sport fishing. The Azuero Peninsula, also known as the “Tuna Coast,” is home to a large number of large fish.

The reason: the Humboldt Current comes closer to shore along this coast than in any other place in the Western Hemisphere. This cold current brings with it a myriad of bait and large predators like tuna, wahoo, dorado and billfish that feed on them. Unlike most places, big fish can be caught close to shore here, letting smaller boats with less range get anglers into the action.

The coastal waters are also healthy and replete with snapper, jacks, roosterfish and other species. Billfish like sailfish and marlin are also caught regularly but aren’t as common and respond best to live bait like small skipjacks and sardines.

And, while out fishing, keep an eye out for sea turtles, dolphins, and humpback whales in season (the latter half of the year).

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Kent Davis, founder and Managing Director at Panama Equity real estate, has been widely quoted in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Miami Herald and the Financial Times for his unabashed views on the Panama real estate market. Panama Equity is regarded as one of the most active real estate agencies in Panama and Kent’s articles, reports, and market research projects have been syndicated by press agencies including Bloomberg and the Associated Press.   Connect with the Author via: Email | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+

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