Here’s What You Told Us: Results of the Pedasi Property Personality Test

Two months ago we asked you to take the Pedasi Property Personality Test. Nearly 200 of you responded. The results should be clear in your inboxes: property searches matched to your individual needs and what you’re looking for in Pedasi. A new beginning and peaceful life in a tropical climate, in a place with a low cost of living, right?

Here’s what you told us:

66% of you are looking to move to Panama to retire, while 22% are looking for an investment property. 15% of you are looking to buy a second home here and 6% of you are looking to move to Panama while working full time.

Your budgets are very similar: almost half of you are looking in the $200-$500K range, while another 38% fall in the $100-$200K range. That’s great because many homes in Pedasi are selling right in that target range, with some options still below that.

Just under half of you are looking for a house, and another 40% of you are looking for condos, with the remaining ~10% looking for land. Almost 50% of you with a budget under $100K is looking for land on which to design and build your own home — whether to live there permanently or as an investment property.

Pedasi’s a tight-knit community of expats and now you know thy neighbor. So, not only are you now getting better-matched properties for your search based on your individual responses, but it’s also nice to know your neighbors are in a similar boat, right? Even before you’ve headed off fishing together.

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