Isla Palenque Resort Makes Prestigious List of Unique Lodges by National Geographic

Ask people what they are in search of when they travel, and you will get a variety of answers. An escape from the daily grind. A chance to try something new. An opportunity to learn more about the world. Isla Palenque Resort gives you all of these experiences and more.

In pursuit of all that travel has to offer, there’s an increasing desire amongst many travelers to find more than just relaxation and escape – they want unique experiences. Whether it’s for personal fulfillment or Instagram-worthy shots. Today’s travelers are hungry for experiences, unlike anything they’ve been a part of before.

When it comes to hotels, National Geographic celebrates the beauty of unique travel experiences with their list of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. This collection of hotels offers guests intimate encounters with remote areas of the globe. The list also aims to feature lodgings rooted in the local community and dedicated to preserving their surrounding environment.

Panama’s Own, Isla Palenque Resort

Introduction to the Resort

Just recently, Isla Palenque Resort was added to the prestigious list of unique lodges of the world — and for good reason. Located on 400 acres of a tropical island in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Isla Palenque Resort offers the ultimate escape from reality. Catering for Panamanians, expats, and international travelers in search of an unparalleled island vacation experience.

Wandering the grounds of Isla Palenque Resort might make you feel like you’re walking through a storybook, and you wouldn’t be far off. The concept for the hotel was inspired by Daniel Defoe’s book of tropical island adventures, Robinson Crusoe.

Intrigued by the novel, hotel owner, Benjamin Loomis took up residency on Isla Palenque for five years. He slept in a hammock, lived minimally, and fell in love with the mystic beauty of the place.

It was this natural beauty that inspired Loomis to build the resort. Aiming to source as many of the building materials as possible directly from the island itself. The outcome is a collection of beachfront casitas with thatched roofs that seamlessly integrate into the lush landscape that surrounds them.

While the hotel’s living spaces are designed to integrate with and honor the natural beauty of the island, they are anything but rustic. In addition, all of the beautifully decorated spaces have been designed with guest comfort in mind. Guests of the resort can pass their days in a variety of ways. From lounging in a hammock, wandering the island, to kayaking around the island’s crystal waters.

Isla Palenque Resort’s Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Preservation

In addition to paying homage to the natural landscape through the use of local materials. Loomis also designed the hotel with an eye towards sustainability and environmental preservation. He employed low-impact construction techniques, renewable materials, and bans the use of single-use plastics at the hotel.

Nearly all of the staff at the resort come from the local community. Happy to share their unique understanding of the ecosystem and insight with guests.

All of these carefully planned aspects of the hotel make it fully deserving of a spot on the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World list. There is no doubt that any guest to Isla Palenque Resort would find an experience that is both utterly relaxing and unparalleled in uniqueness. 

Isla Palenque Resort pool

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Isla Palenque Resort beachfront

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