3 bedroom apartament for rent in Sophia, Obarrio

3 bedroom apartament for rent in Sophia, Obarrio

3 bedroom apartament for rent in Sophia, Obarrio

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2024 Sq Ft 188 m2

Year Built

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  • 94bd25c0-79c2-4567-8f9e-4115274ac40a
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  • 64b4f35a-2273-4b5d-a1ce-f30f7e5babb0


Are you thinking of moving to Panama and want to find a property that has the best location, comfort, and luxury all in one?

Then Sophia Tower in Obarrio is just perfect for you.

Located in the heart of Panama City, in the middle of what is called the “Banking Area” , this prestigious tower designed by the renowned architect Pinzon Lozano, is located very close to supermarkets, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, banks and offices, enjoying an incredible location, this 8-year-old apartment tower has high security 24/7, and a very complete social area that will make your stay here very pleasant

This apartment of 188 meters, has 3 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, family den, large dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, balcony with nice views of Panama City, 2 parking spaces and comes ready with appliances and air conditioning units.

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