5 Acres Ready to Build in Private Island Community

5 Acres Ready to Build in Private Island Community

5 Acres Ready to Build in Private Island Community


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Lot Size

5.19 Acres 21003 m2


This parcel is located in a private island community in Panama and includes 5 acres.

Boca Chica Island is a beautiful, unspoiled paradise divided into only a few large parcels, making it an incredibly private getaway.

Its position between 4 different ports makes it just 10 minutes away from a recently-built major road, and just an hour away from the city of David.

Eco Friendly Living

The island is completely off the grid, and our Jungle Lofts make it possible to create an eco-friendly home quickly and cost-effectively, with all modern amenities.

Every home is customizable and designed to take full advantage of the beauty of your surroundings, along with solar power, fresh water, and high speed Internet.

Learn More

Learn about the Boca Chica Island community and see photos and video of this parcel on the Boca Chica Island website.  Click here to get access.

Characteristics of This Parcel

At 5 acres, this parcel rises through a virgin jungle to an elevation of approximately 120 feet.

The building site towers over the ocean with 30 mile views over the water, all the way to Panama’s highest mountain, the 11,000 Volcan Baru.

Access to the parcel is through a community dock and then with a 4×4 electric cart via a network of trails inside the island.

The lot comes with fresh water from a nearby well, dock access, road access for your cart, and a ready-to-build building site.

Jungle Homes

While you aren’t required to build, we have developed a building system that makes building your Jungle Home a snap.

Choose from several different home models (1, 2, & 3 bedroom) or start with our Jungle Loft Cabana that can be customized when you are ready.


Financing is available for this Parcel with only $20k down.

Have questions about anything?

You probably don’t know what it is like to live on an island, well don’t hesitate to ask.

Just fill out the “Contact Seller Form” and ask away, we are happy to help you figure out if Boca Chica Island is right for you.

There is no pressure to try to convince you that ownership in an off-grid, private island community is right for you.  It will become pretty obvious if that’s the case or not.  And if not, we’re good with that too!

Don’t forget to check out the website.

Visit The Boca Chica Island website for all the details, to learn more about our community, and to see dozens of photos & videos.

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