Affordable Condo Near Coronado – Lajas de Chame –

Affordable Condo Near Coronado – Lajas de Chame –

Affordable Condo Near Coronado – Lajas de Chame –

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1076 Sq Ft 100 m2

Year Built


Lot Size

  • Condo Chame 1
  • Condo Chame 2
  • Condo Chame 3
  • Condo Chame 4
  • Condo Chame 5
  • Condo Chame 6
  • Condo Chame 7
  • Condo Chame 8
  • Condo Chame 9


This affordable condo sits in a small complex of 5 buildings with two duplex each. There is a nice swimming pool and bohio, great for for the entertainment. Enjoy the forest view surrounding the duplex and its patio on the ground floor.

  • Open and modern design
  • Built in 2017
  • Property tax exempt until 2027 on the construction
  • Window treatment in place and included
  • All appliances, AC and light fixtures, installed and in good working conditions included in the price

The property is located just a few minutes’ drive to the main entrance to Coronado where you will find 24 hour supermarkets, a wide variety of restaurants, banks, hardware stores, and a small hospital among other conveniences. Coronado Beach is located on the Pacific Ocean, it had been known as the Gold Coast Beach getaway for wealthy Panamanians. In recent years, it has become a significant destination for international travelers and ex-patriots looking to make Panama their home.

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