Investor Alert: Spacious Apartment In El Cangrejo Ready To Move

Investor Alert: Spacious Apartment In El Cangrejo Ready To Move

Investor Alert: Spacious Apartment In El Cangrejo Ready To Move

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2013 Sq Ft 187 m2

Year Built

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  • guest-room-panama-city-apartment-sale-el-cangrejo
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This apartment, located in El Cangrejo, is a really interesting property in terms of price per square meter and potential improvements!

The Apartment

The spacious apartment boasts 187m2 of construction space and an additional 90m2 of private terrace including the covered gazebo. The large windows in the living room and dining room fill the home with natural light and each of the three bedrooms contains large closet space and plenty of space for full bedroom sets.

Past appraisals valued the apartment at $287,000.

El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo’s central location in Panama City means there are never a shortage of renters looking to live in a safe, convenient area that’s close to public transportation and the banking district.  In fact, the residents of El Cangrejo are always walking distance to dozens of restaurants, cafés, shops, and various forms of public transportation!

Andres Bello Park, located on Via Argentina, offers local residents different activities like Zumba, free exercise machines, and a dog park to name a few.

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