Market Sweet Spot: Investor Special!

Market Sweet Spot: Investor Special!

Market Sweet Spot: Investor Special!

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506 Sq Ft 47 m2

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Panama Equity has exclusive rights of sale to a total of 14 identical one bedroom apartments in a banking district project scheduled for completion in the third quarter of this year.

This is exactly what the rental and resale market is looking for: Compact, efficient design, top notch amenities, and a downtown location that is walk-to-it-all friendly.  

For an investor, this is a winner and for the person who wants a pie de terre in the city, look no further.  Low holding costs, tax exonerations and a rental market hungry for this product make this a perfect addition to your Panama property portfolio and Panama Equity is offering property management services from day one.

The building is loaded with hotel-style amenities like a pool, gym, concierge and is less than two blocks from Panama’s most sophisticated mall: Soho.  In short, exactly what a corporate executive (or travel-happy expat) would be looking for.

Contact us for the full list and rental return estimates today!

Prices and availability in this project are changing regularly. Please contact us for an updated list.


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