Market Sweet Spot: Investor Special!

Market Sweet Spot: Investor Special!

Market Sweet Spot: Investor Special!


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505.9 sq ft 47 m2

Year Built



Panama Equity has exclusive rights of sale to a total of 14 identical one bedroom apartments in a banking district project scheduled for completion in the third quarter of this year.

This is exactly what the rental and resale market is looking for: Compact, efficient design, top notch amenities, and a downtown location that is walk-to-it-all friendly.  

For an investor, this is a winner and for the person who wants a pie de terre in the city, look no further.  Low holding costs, tax exonerations and a rental market hungry for this product make this a perfect addition to your Panama property portfolio and Panama Equity is offering property management services from day one.

The building is loaded with hotel-style amenities like a pool, gym, concierge and is less than two blocks from Panama’s most sophisticated mall: Soho.  In short, exactly what a corporate executive (or travel-happy expat) would be looking for.

Contact us for the full list and rental return estimates today!


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