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Meet our Clients

We have worked with buyers and sellers from around the world and hope that you will be next!

  • Lisa and David Bey

    Dear Kent,

    We feel so fortunate to have worked with your outstanding representative, Carlos Cameño, who led the way through many mine fields for us.

    Carlos saved the day for us over 16 months of haggling with bank representatives, attorneys, and a very uncooperative seller. His ability to communicate in English and Spanish made seemingly impossibly situations disappear.

    This sale had to be one of the longest, from start to finish, that Carlos and your company ever had to endure. Had it not been for his professionalism and upbeat demeanor, we would have walked away. Instead we have a lovely home in Panama and can’t thank Carlos enough.

    We also want to thank you for having people on your staff, like Carlos. He is an outstanding man and you found him. How fortunate for both of you and certainly all of your clients who have and will benefit from his expertise.

  • Alex and Rob

    Hi Kent,

    I am reaching out to let you know what a fantastic job Carlos is doing in helping us purchase a home in Coronado.  We have been working with Carlos for 3 years while we had our 144 acre farm in Oregon on the market.  Carlos patiently hung in there with us during the 3 years it took us to sell our farm, and always provided the best service during those years of uncertainty for us.

    We finally sold our farm in December, and came back to Panama for a whirlwind month of seeing many houses and condos.  Carlos was such a great listener and completely understood what we were looking for.  He was very thorough in screening properties before showing them to us, so that we could maximize our time looking at the “best fit” properties.  He has such a great depth of knowledge about the market, and was able to give us advice on whether the asking price was appropriate in today‘s Coronado market, and how each property compared to others on the market.

    When we made the offer on the house in Coronado, Carlos provided his impressive real estate expertise on how to present the offer, and how to construct the reservation agreement document.  The sellers had many questions about our offer, so Carlos had the brilliant idea of sitting down with them in person to walk through their questions.  It was that meeting that convinced the sellers to agree to our offer.  Because the sellers are from the U.S. and had never sold a property in Panama, many of their questions were about the real estate sales process.  This is another area where Carlos has such a depth of knowledge.  He patiently described to the sellers the steps in the sales and purchase process, as well as the process for registering the tax exoneration, which they had not yet done.  Frankly, the sellers’ realtor had no idea about the details of the process, so thank goodness Carlos was there to educate and reassure them.  And my husband and I also benefited from Carlos’ tutorial.

    Because this is our first real estate purchase in Panama, we needed a real estate attorney.  Carlos recommended Roberto Mendez, who has turned out to be such a gem of an attorney, and has been incredibly helpful and responsive.  Roberto is so good we are going to be using him moving forward for getting our cedula, instead of our immigration attorney.  Our friends from Australia accompanied us on many of the property appointments, and were so impressed with Carlos and Roberto that they are also going to use both of them.

    On a customer service level, Carlos is at the top of the chart in providing excellent service.  He has done so many things for us that are way beyond what most realtors would do.  He has not only “herded” the sellers’ realtor, who is not very responsive and does not do the things she should be taking care of, but he is also helping shepherd the communication with the buyers.  As part of the offer, we will be renting from the sellers until they can get their tax exoneration registered.  That has required a rental agreement, which Carlos has been driving, even though the sellers’ agent should be doing this.  Carlos is helping us figure out how to pay the utility bills in June because we don’t arrive until later in the month (this is something the sellers’ realtor told us she would not do).  And Carlos recommended a moving company for our container move to Panama.  These are only a few examples of the many areas of help he has provided that go beyond the normal scope of most realtors.

    And finally, Carlos is just a great human being.  He is compassionate, trustworthy, patient and funny.  He always has a positive outlook and has helped reduce our stress in working through the Panama real estate processes.  Carlos has been an absolutely joy to work with!

    Thanks again for the service provided by Carlos and your company!

    Alex and Rob

  • Iris and Chris from Canada

    Jonathan Clay is a personable and highly communicative individual. Selling our Pedasi home was a difficult process due to the flat market, but Jon persisted and brought us the best offer he could. He provided us with good service.


  • Philip from Nevada

    Tedd reflects the honesty in his profession that all should strive for. His knowledge and dedication to those he works with and for is a benefit to those who maybe in need of his service.

  • Wilson from New York

    Purchasing real estate can be fraught with difficulties & more so certainly is challenging in a foreign country. Although Panama has many advantages such as the canal, U.S. currency, predictable weather, ease of flying into from the US, government stability, benefits for Americans, etc., nonetheless one never can have an idea or know the local elements, customs, or rules & regulations.

    Andrea Cooper made our purchase @ the Trump ocean club simply easy, comfortable and without stress. She facilitated any difficulties & expertly navigated us through the process with her experience, expertise & know how.
    Every single aspect of the purchase was astutely advised by her, and nothing was neglected. She just knew all the details to be taken care & again made it a pleasure. In fact, it was easier than some deals I’ve made in the states & furthermore, we continue to seek & heed her advice after the completion. I recommend highly & will be bringing friends/colleagues to her next year.

  • David and Marv from Panama

    Andrea Cooper is one of the best real estate agents we have ever worked with. She is highly intelligent about the market and pricing levels. She is always organized and punctual, adding value at every term. Her positive and sunny disposition is always welcome.


  • Ken from South Carolina

    Please accept this letter as a token of my sincerest gratitude for assigning Juan C Villegas to me to handle my investment needs in Panama City.
    As I am sure you know in dealing with other investors or home buyers from other countries purchasing Real Estate in a country that s not your own is a very daunting task that only takes vision and guts but someone that can help guide your mind through the various options, pitfalls and potential of each and every opportunity, for me that person is Juan. Juan’s professionalism and attention to detail as well as honest appraisal of each situation has been a great experience. I look forward to continuing to invest in Panama and look forward to working closely with Juan Villegas in the future.

  • Shane from Calgary

    After doing a lot of research into the various real estate firms in Panama, I decided to work with Tom and the Panama Equity team. It was a great decision. I began to work with Tom remotely to learn more about the real estate market in Panama and he was very responsive and answered all my questions. When I made my first trip to Panama City Tom cleared his schedule and we spent a full day looking at listings. Tom also set up a meeting with the builder of the preconstruction project that ended up being a perfect fit for what I was looking for. Tom is very professional and provides a high level of service – would definitely recommend Tom if you are looking for property in Panama City.

  • Mike from Puerto Rico

    It’s been a while….. I just want to thank you so much, for introducing me to Layla. She is just incredible, a true professional and very aggressive at what she does.
    She sold my apt and most important,
    Keep me informed of every single step.
    I’m very happy with PANAMA EQUITY
    The service was A-1 and very profesionalismo at all time.
    I will highly recommend it to everyone.
    Thank you Mr Davis and to all your staff at P.E. may God bless you guys always.

  • Ron from Guatemala

    I want to recognize the great job that Layla has done helping me find the right property for me and my family.

    Not only she has been a skilled negotiator finding the right balance between who buys and who sells but also she has exceeded my expectations by helping me with chores that aren’t part of her responsibilities (such as after sale maintenance costs and additional house fixing).

    I’ll be recommending her to my friends and family.

  • Jack and Amy from Arizona

    We were referred to Carlos Camano by friends who were very pleased with their experience working with him as their real estate agent.

    When we were ready to seriously house shop in Altos del Maria, we first perused homes listed for sale on Panama Equity website and as we narrowed down our choices, contacted Carlos while we were still living in America. Carlos patiently worked with us via email for a few months and once we had a trip planned to Panama, he arranged to show us our lengthy list of homes – I believe there were at least a dozen or so!!

    Our experience with Carlos was stellar. He was prompt with connecting via email and phone, and once here, prompt in picking us up and showing the homes. Our visit at that time we were in Panama involved taking care of the legal logistics of becoming residents and Carlos worked around our schedule accommodating us.

    Once we returned to America, we contacted Carlos to put in an offer on our home. He was professional the entire process and worked with all parties through the closing of the purchase.

    Just a few weeks ago, Carlos was in the area working with another client and stopped by our home for a visit. This is the type of man he is…not just through the selling process…but afterwards, he makes you feel like a close friend. Should we ever need a real estate agent while in Panama, we would not hesitate to contact and work with Carlos again.

  • Richard from Thailand

    Hi, Jonathan Clay helped me sell my triplex in Venao Panama. I really enjoyed working with Jonathan as he is very punctual and and detailed in his work and moved the deal forward as fast as he could have. Jonathan is a great guy and has very good local know how. I would strongly recommend him to others looking to buy or sell property in Panama.

  • Linda from Rio Mar Panama

    It has always been a dream to own a condo in a tropical paradise. About a year ago I finally when into action and purchased a 3 bedroom condo at Rio Mar. Thanks to my real estate agent Carlos Camaño with his help I was able to secure a lovely place at Rio Mar. Working with Carlos was one of best experiences of my life. He is such a caring person and so professional. The process of buying a dream isn’t always easy especially when the language is a barrier but thanks to Carlos it wasn’t.

    Rio Mar is the best development in the Coronado area. Rio Mar has it all, the beach is gorgeous, the security is unbelievable, the development is spotless and the staff are always smiling and ready to help you. I feel very secure and at home at Rio Mar. Thanks to Carlos and Rio Mar I’m living my dream.

  • Chris
    Chris from Australia

    Have been visiting Panama’s alluring lands for the past decade. In 2005 I purchased a mountain property in Altos Del Maria which is where I was introduced to Carlos Camano who assisted me with my first Real Estate purchase in Panama. Almost 11 years later and several more real estate transactions, Carlos has assisted me all the way. Carlos has a remarkable commitment to his career, provides honest and accurate information and will take a call 7 days a week. Over the years we have developed a mutual trust and respect for each other which is why I have no hesitation in recommending Carlos Camano and the management team of Panama Equity for Real Estate purchase in Panama.

  • The Lewis Family from Ontario

    We bought Casa Lajagua through Tedd Tennis of Panama Equity Real Estate. As it was our first purchase in Panama we naturally had a ton of questions. Tedd was a great source of help and information not to mention much patience with us. With our zero Spanish skills at the time he really made it as easy as possible. We highly recommend the Panama Equity team and will look to them for any future transactions.

  • Buzz from California

    Just a quick note to let you know that we have enjoyed our relationship with your company, especially because of your agent Jonathan Clay. Jonathan’s attention to detail and his persistence kept things moving without a snag. There was a bit of “hand holding” that needed to be done and he did it well. Jonathan was a pleasure to work with, he remained calm and personable through out the process and I believe it was him that made this happen. I can recommend Panama Equity to anyone based on my experience with Jonathan.

  • Ken from South Carolina

    “Anyone considering working directly with Kent is very fortunate. Kent is very fair and knowledgable but most off all has the highest level of integrity. Should you decide ( and you should ) to use Kent’s services you will not only be happy with the result but will know that you made the right decision due to kents vast expertise and willingness to share in detail with you .Kent is a class act in everyway.”

  • Jesse from Panama

    “Panama is an incredible place to live and to do business but certain precautions need to be taken as it is an emerging market. In the real estate sector there are few better in the country than Kent. He has an unfaltering sense of integrity and tells it how it is, both invaluable and refreshing atributes for a business profesional in Panama.”

  • Kevin from Boston

    “Kent Davis is one of the few real estate people in Panama I trust. He is honest and knows more about the market here in Panama than most. Kent goes out of his way to make sure you get the right information about buying property in Panama.”

  • Duane from Toronto

    “Kent is one of those guys who knows his stuff, and wont sugar coat the bare facts, let alone allow his customers to walk into something without knowing the whole truth. In an industry fraught with deception, deceit, and unethical behavior, Kent stands above as the guy who will lead you through all the garbage. He has the knowledge and experience in his field that is beyond compare. If you want the straight truth, and a guy who has a high level of business ethics and professionalism, Kent is your man. I have worked with Kent for over 4 years and know that we will continue to work together for many more.”

  • Ian from Calgary

    “Kent is an excellent hands on manager of my properties who gives me a great deal of peace of mind as a foreign investor.”

  • Peter from Colorado

    “Kent is a smart, dynamic and energetic businessman. I knew him growing up. He comes from a wonderful family, has a good heart, and succeeds at everything he puts his mind to.”

  • Murray from Calgary

    “We have known Kent for 3 years when we first started looking for real estate in Panama. He was very knowledgeable regarding the real estate market. He always acted in a professional manner and we had total trust in what he did and said. He was very patient and never “pushy” which we do not see often in realtors. We have since become friends as we had numerous “events” take place while trying to complete our transaction. Throughout the process Kent was able to get us through and over some of the hurdles we faced. We have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Kent for any real estate questions or transactions that may come your way.”

  • Renan from Canada

    “I first got to know Kent Davis while working in the real estate here in Panama. After I had met him a few times, his name started popping up in newspaper articles and newsletters and Kent seems to have forged a reputation for hard work and trustworthiness in a market where both are lacking from many in the profession. Kent is a highly organized and motivated individual who I would gladly recommend to anyone looking to hire or work with him as he is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the real estate market here in Panama.”

  • Juan Jose from Mexico

    “Finding a home it’s a mix between a journey and a dream, everybody could say that, … but finding a home in Panamá city, it could become an entirely adventure. Fortunately enough I took advice from some trusted friends in P&G to get in contact with Kent and the dream turned into a reality. I continue to be amazed of how challenging is the market in Panamá. It takes a while to understand it and get to the point when you make a call, “yes I am ready to buy this condo!” And Kent saved me massive time in this phase. However, what emerged as a surprise and very few comment on, is the level of energy needed to put the wheels in motion, to really make things happen and this is when Kent became my best ally…Señor Davis, this is when I understood why you messenger text says: Real Estate is 24 / 7… my gratitude for all the support in the past 3 months.”

  • Rafael from Panama

    “My fiancée and I had the pleasure of working with Kent while looking for a rental in Panama City. Kent was very attentive to our needs and showed as a variety of options. Once we had decided, he helped us with in negotating the rental agreement. We could not be happier with his professionalism, level of service, and results.”

  • Henric from Sweden

    “Kent has the qualifications which I value in any business relationship. Being straight-forward, hard-working, reliable and has the ability to make a deal happen. I would happily recomend him for any real estate transaction in Panama.”

  • Gary from North Carolina

    “I’ve been working with Kent for almost four years now, and he’s done a fantastic job for me. He helped me find the right rental properties and has managed to keep them occupied for almost three years running. I would recommend him to anyone even CONSIDERING something in Panama.”

  • Jules from Minnesota

    “We had looked all over the world for the perfect vacation home for our family, and ended up choosing Panama because it had the perfect combination of beaches and city. We ended up working with Kent because he was very knowledgeable about the area and did a great job showing us lots of options. He negotiated on our behalf and ended up helping us find the perfect beach get away! Thanks Kent!”

  • Mithun and Nikki from Toronto

    “Moving to Panama was a complex decision from Day 1. After spending a week “house hunting” aka bouncing from agent to agent, seeing place after place, and not even one we liked… we went home exhausted, stressed, and overall, frustrated. After doing some internet research on real estate in Panama, we came across the website and some articles by Kent. For once in the entire process, we actually felt we had some clarification. We had a better perspective of the market, and felt in a much better place to purchase. All this before even speaking to him! We contacted him directly after, and the clarity grew. We spent some time discussing our wants and needs through the internet, and when we arrived to Panama, Kent had compiled a list, and we found and fell in love with our home in just a weekend! We’ve recommended him to everyone we know, and he has never disappointed. From our experience, by far the best realtor in Panama!”

  • Bob from New York

    “Finding the right residence in Panama is not the easiest task I’ve faced. Finding the right residence for a non-Spanish speaking person is daunting. I have relocated myself and family in The States, Europe and Asia. Panama is different. I feel fortunate to have met Panama Equity. In reality, I met Kent Davis. He took the time to get to know who we were and what Panama City really had to offer. Having now relocated successfully to Panama, both my wife and I believe we made the right choice.Kent helped us make that choice and stayed involved from Day 1 to completion, even during his honeymoon.”

  • David from Florida

    “Kent and Carlos, Thanks a bunch for selling both of my properties in record time.  You guys are first class – and a darn pleasure to work with….  I’ll be in touch when I’m ready to reenter the market thereIt’s been a great team effort getting this deal done!

  • Rick from Costa Rica

    It’s been a great team effort getting this deal done! Carlos has been fantastic~ patient, professional, and a great attitude!  Il ook forward to meeting you as well, Kent.

  • James from Panama

    Doing business in Panama requires patience, an understanding of local culture and the ‘way of doing things’, all of which Kent has in ample doses.  Kent’s professionalism and determination to find solutions to problems proved to be key to the closing of this sale.  Without his help dealing with local lawyers, bureaucracy and reams of paperwork there is no way that we would have been able to successfully conclude this transaction in the time that we did.  Sometimes in real estate transactions certain aspects can be out of one’s control, however Kent always maintained a calm and positive attitude to everything which was greatly appreciated and facilitated the successful conclusion of this sale.”

  • Mike from Panama

    I had used several other brokers without success. I found they were more or less order takers and showed little creativity or follow up when prospective buyers came along.

    Panama Equity was a refreshing change. I found them aggressive and professional in a friendly and personal manner. Kent Davis and his people are very knowledgeable of the real estate business and of the local environment here in Panama. They got fast results and stayed with the deal until it was fully closed.  I was very pleased with the experience

  • Richard from Abu Dhabi

    My wife and I had the privilege of working with Layla in locating our new home in Panama City.  Layla was very professional and patient with us as we explored several areas and properties.  She is knows the market very well and kindly guided us in our search.  I highly recommend both Layla personally and those at Panama Equity with whom I have dealt for the past eight months“.

  • Phil from Pennsylvania

    From our first trip to Panama to explore real estate investment, Kent was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.He showed us a wide variety of properties, and pointed out subtle differences in quality that we may have missed on our own.

    After meeting some expats in our unrelated travels and socializing around Panama City, it became apparent that Kent was very well known with most of the English speaking expats that we met.Everyone commented positively on his reputation and hard work.  Now that we have completed a successful transaction for a beautiful unit in Trump Ocean Club – I can give my full endorsement.

    I will continue to work with Kent for possible future investments, and in fact – we have retained him to manage the Rental unit that we recently purchased.  Everything is working out great.  Nothing but good news.  Thanks Kent and Emily!

  • Reid from Bermuda

    We would like to express our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for guiding us through the purchase of a condo in Panama City, Panama.  Although our research determined it is very safe for non-resident foreigners to purchase investment property, it was nevertheless a daunting mission.  Not only did you help us find the “perfect” property – one that we set out as our goal, but you managed the purchase/sale along with the lawyer you recommended in a quick, efficient manner.

     We also appreciate your proactive calls and updated e-mails on the process, it really took the stress out of the purchase and without hesitation our next investment property will be under your guidance!  Thanks again.

  • Tim and Carol from Colorado

    Layla:  Tim and I were most appreciative of your services – we really enjoyed you and the condo units you showed us were just exactly what we wanted to see. We also enjoyed your personality and were very impressed by your communication skills and continuing efforts for fluency in English!  Customer service is always most important to me and yours was top notch.

  • Robin and Tom from Ontario

    Layla, I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for the tour yesterday. You were fantastic and really got a feel for what we are looking for even with the short notice.  You gave us lots to think about and when we make a decision with respect to renting we let you know.  This visit has been informative including all the great information you gave us yesterday.  Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

  • Marv B from Alberta

    Tedd, I wanted to make sure you know how appreciative we are of your assistance.  We expected a good realtor based on our initial research.  After working with you, you are far more than that.  Your attention to detail and strategies to work with someone as non-trusting as Richard was to you and Berta, made this deal possible.  In my book that makes you an absolute Pro.  Perhaps more importantly, I believe we have a solid foundation for an ongoing friendship.  You are the type of people I enjoy spending time with.   I am really looking forward to getting to know you even better and will recommend your talents to anyone who cares to listen.

  • William McClure from USA

    I just wanted to thank you for putting us together with Layla. We did end up finding a condo that we are really excited about buying. I know we made it a little tough on Layla with what our initial “must haves” were, but she remained upbeat and continued to find properties for us to look at. As our “must haves” changed Layla continued to find condo’s for us to look at and in the end we found an apartment on a high floor, in a good building, with great views that can be easily converted from a one bedroom into a two bedroom apartment.  Thank you so much.

    Layla made this such a great experience that we will be recommending her to any of our friends that follow us to Panama. I know we will be seeking her services to rent the apartment in the future and to help us with our next purchase.

  • Stephen from Panama

    I would like to express my gratitude to Panama Equity Real Estate for providing excellent rental services and agents.  Manuel Bravo assisted my wife and I in leasing a condo in Panama City.  Manuel was professional in every way possible.  He quickly responded to our emails, answered all of our many questions, and completed the leasing process at the Trump BayLoft Apartments.

    Manuel Bravo provided a great tour of the Trump Ocean Club during our first visit to Panama City.  We knew we had found our future home, rental agency, and rental agent.  When we were ready to sign a lease at the Baylofts, Manuel worked to make it happen.  

    We are very happy at the Bayloft Apartments.  We are very grateful to Panama Equity and Manuel Bravo.

  • Una, Jorge y Luis Carlos from Panama

    Buenos días Manuel, Finalizada la operación de venta de nuestro apartamento del edificio Miramar, deseamos expresarte nuestro agradecimiento por la delicada y fina atención profesional que desplegaste durante todo el proceso de la transacción. Fue un verdadero placer trabajar contigo y Panamá Equity. Cordiales saludos,

  • Bobby from Los Angeles

    Layla did an amazing job and one of the few people that was always there before the appointment time and extremely patient with us. We thought we were punctual but we can learn from her. You have a real asset with Layla on your team. This endorsement is completely unsolicited.

  • Mr and Mrs C from Canada

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the details concerning our recent purchase of our condo in Rio Mar. Mr. Carlos Camano, our real estate advisor, is a stand up kind of guy. From being on time for appointments to showing us 6 different projects in one day to never giving up on us when our first bank did (thank goodness he found us another bank that understood us) – we salute you for having such an exceptional professional working in your organization. If it hadn’t been for Carlos we wouldn’t have gotten our dream condo. His knowledge, excellent language skills and local expertise were invaluable to us. We have no issue in recommending Carlos and your firm to other people seeking real estate in Panama.

  • Sr. Luis from Argentina

    We can do more business but only if Layla is part of it… She’s just a fantastic asset in your organization. Take care of her… She’s a rare gem.

  • Carl and Cheri, USA

    Just a quick note to let you know that we have enjoyed our relationship with your company, especially because of your agent Jonathan Clay. Jonathon’s attention to detail and his persistence kept things moving without a snag. There was a bit of “hand holding” that needed to be done and he did it well. Jonathon was a pleasure to work with, he remained calm and personable through out the process and I believe it was him that made this happen. I can recommend Panama Equity to anyone based on my experience with Jonathon.

  • Dr D from New York City

    Just wanted to loop back and personally thank you for looping me in with the gem of a person, your Agent Andrea Cooper, in my search for my first property in Panama! It’s been wonderful getting to know her and meet her in person last weekend when I came to see one property I had in mind.  I find Andrea to be diligent, professional, detailed, and extremely knowledgeabe…all great assets to your company and to us, clients!

  • Lorna from United Kingdom

    We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Panama Equity, and if anyone needs a recommendation your company is the one we will give. Your articles on real estate in Panama really helped us to know from the outset that we were in good hands, and this was further demonstrated by the professionalism and efficiency of Carlos, Michell and attorney Roberto. We have had a bit of a bumpy ride since investing off plan in Panama in 2007, not with Playa Blanca Resort (our personal experiences with them were always good) but with the Nikki Beach next door that never happened – that was very hard for a while.
    So, thank you for a smooth and pleasurable end to our Panama adventure. We felt we were in very good hands with your company and your team. Warm regards