The Best Locations

The Best Locations

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  • Discover the ‘family-friendliest’ neighborhoods and where to meet other expats.
  • Overcome the language gap and find the best schools, hospitals and restaurants in the country.
  • Fast-track the Panama real estate process and save tens of thousands of dollars in hidden costs and taxes.
  • And much, much more…

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Jonathon’s attention to detail and his persistence kept things moving without a snag. Jonathon was a pleasure to work with, he remained calm and personable through out the process. I can recommend Panama Equity to anyone based on my experience with Jonathon.

Carl and Cher
Thanks to my real estate agent Carlos Camaño with his help I was able to secure a lovely place at Rio Mar. Working with Carlos was one of best experiences of my life. He is such a caring person and so professional.

Layla did an amazing job and one of the few people that was always there before the appointment time and extremely patient with us. We thought we were punctual but we can learn from her. You have a real asset with Layla on your team.