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Welcome to Bayfront Tower! Located right on Balboa Avenue, Bayfront Tower offers the perfect location. You can kick back in your living room and watch the world zoom by below, or you can head out the door and be in the center of the action in no time. The luxurious ambiance and prime location of Bayfront Tower make it the perfect building for your urban oasis.

Bayfront Tower
29 Floors
Ranging from $220k – $250k
$13 Avg Rent Price m2
$2,300 Avg Price m2

Bayfront Tower Real Estate

Every unit at Bayfront Tower boasts floor to ceiling windows allowing for lots of natural light and unbeatable views. 


There are a number of floor plans you can choose from which includes spacious one-bedroom lofts and three-bedroom apartments if you’re in the need for more space. 


Regardless of what unit you choose, you’ll find that apartments at Bayfront Tower are thoughtfully designed with walk-in closets, modern kitchens, high-end details, and plenty of storage space.   


Where Is Bayfront Tower?

Bayfront Tower Amenities

Spend your morning watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee from your balcony. Or start your day off with a workout in the fully-equipped fitness center followed by a relaxing visit to the sauna. 


In the afternoon, take a dip in the pool to cool off while you enjoy views of the skyline. And consider enjoying the sunset from the gorgeous rooftop terrace. 


24-hour building security means you’ll never have to worry about your belongings or safety at Bayfront Tower. This is definitely one development that offers everything in one stylish package. 

Life In Bayfront Tower

Is the Bayfront Tower the right building for you? 


There are plenty of apartment buildings and neighborhoods in Panama City to choose from. Bayfront Tower residents love this development for its stylish amenities and location in the heart of the city. With Balboa Avenue and the Cinta Costera right outside your front door, it’s easy to make the most of one of Panama City’s hottest neighborhoods. 


For those who work on Balboa Avenue or in nearby Obarrio, you can’t do much better than Bayfront Tower in terms of location. Depending on exactly where your office is, you could find yourself with a short and walkable commute to and from work. Imagine trading gridlock traffic for an evening glass of wine on your balcony instead. There’s an offer that’s hard to beat. 


Bayfront Tower is also a popular choice with retirees. If your working days are behind you, Bayfront Tower offers plenty of perks for enjoying your new lease on life. Take advantage of the luxury amenities that the building has to offer. Or, head out for a walk on the Cinta Costera or for a little shopping at nearby Multiplaza Mall. With so much to do within a stone’s throw of the building, this is a great home base from which to enjoy all that Panama City has to offer. 


All About Avenue Balboa

Avenue Balboa  may as well be Panama City’s most important arteries. This large thoroughfare crosses the city making it a popular way to commute from point A to point B. Additionally, though, Balboa Avenue is a destination in and of itself replica rolex. Here you’ll find tons in the way of dining, shopping, and recreation. 


No visit to Avenue Balboa is complete without a walk along the Cinta Costera. This coastal beltway is THE place for running, jogging, biking, rollerblading, or just going for a walk. Not only that, but it also connects Bayfront Tower to other parts of the city such as Casco Viejo. The Cinta Costera is your own pedestrian highway that passes right in front of your home. 


There are also tons of nearby options for grabbing food or eating out along Avenue Balboa . Whether you’re in the mood for sushi or pizza or something in between, chances are your destination is just a short walk away. If it’s nightlife you’re after, Calle Uruguay is less than two blocks away and features tons of options for after dark entertainment. Sports bars, cocktail lounges, and nightclubs are far enough that they won’t be a disturbance, but are easy enough to frequent any night of the week. 

Balboa Avenue Panama

As far as shopping goes, there are plenty of grocery stores both large and small within the blocks surrounding Bayfront Tower. The Riba Smith in Bella Vista is the nearest large scale grocery store and is only a five-minute drive away. A five-minute drive in the opposite direction will bring you to Multiplaza Mall. One of the largest malls in Panama and where you can find everything you need to meet your shopping needs. 


Want to learn more about this hot neighborhood and all there is to do just steps from Bayfront Tower? Check out our Avenue Balboa information page. This page covers all you need to know about dining, shopping, and making the most of this amazing corner of the city. Checking out this page is a great way to get a feel for the area and before you make a decision. 

Avenue Balboa Real Estate

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