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Welcome to Bellagio Tower! This is arguably THE building  in Panama City when it comes to luxurious living. While there are plenty of apartment buildings that offer modern amenities and sleek interiors, this one takes all of that to the next level. If you’re looking for an exclusive property in a prestigious neighborhood, then Bellagio Tower is for you.

bellagio tower panama
30 Floors
Ranging from $2m – $5.65m 

$11 Avg Rent Price m2
$3,200 Avg Price m2

Bellagio Tower Real Estate

It may not be the tallest building on the block, but it is certainly one of the most stunning. At 30 stories what truly sets Bellagio Tower apart is that it is home to only 34 units. 


With only one to two units per floor, this building offers the utmost privacy to its residents. Along with privacy, a home at Bellagio Tower comes with plenty of living space. Most units feature 4 bedrooms and range from 445 m2 (4,790 sq ft) to 743 m2 (7,998 sq ft) in size. 


Each private condo residence in Bellagio Tower is truly a work of art. The finishes in each unit depend on the taste of the owners who designed them, but they all feature incredible ocean views and plenty of space. 


Where Is Bellagio Tower Panama?

Bellagio Tower Panama Amenities

This one-of-a-kind luxury is not limited to the condos themselves. 


All of the social areas at Bellagio Tower can only be accessed by residents and are designed with an eye for elegance. 


The stunning infinity pool includes a waterfall adding the perfect ambiance for lounging in the sun. 


There is a barbecue area and events room for entertaining, and a private gym to keep you in shape. 


Bellagio Tower also features one of Panama’s only high speed, oceanfront glass elevators which provide breathtaking views as you are whisked up to your unit. 


Bellagio Punta Pacifica Panama

Life In Bellagio Tower

Is Bellagio Tower the right building for you? The limited number of units available along with the luxurious features and amenities means that Bellagio Tower tends to attract the crème de la crème of Panama City elite. This also means that there is a certain level of intimacy that residents enjoy.


Most units at Bellagio Tower are owner-occupied, though occasionally units go on the market for rent. Since the majority of residents are owners and there are only 34 units in the building, this building is much less anonymous and more community-focused than developments that boast hundreds of units. Residents will greet each other by name in the lobby or meet up for a swim or a game of squash. This is a fantastic place to live if you appreciate privacy, but also want to get to know your neighbors. 


Bellagio Tower is certainly popular with families. Given that each unit has at least 4 bedrooms, Bellagio apartments include plenty of room for the whole family. The infinity pool and game room are also a draw for families with children.   


Regardless of who you are, it’s hard to deny that Bellagio Tower is an ideal place to live. Here you’ll enjoy a lovely community, top-notch security and privacy, and all the amenities you could possibly want in the heart of one of Panama’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Punta Pacifica. 

All About Punta Pacifica

When it comes to location, it’s hard to beat Punta Pacifica. This high-profile neighborhood is compact enough to be walkable and offers plenty of residences, commercial businesses, and outdoor space. 


Residents of Bellagio Tower can enjoy everything from delectable seafood to sushi to Mexican cuisine and more, all within a short commute of their front door. Super 99 is less than a five-minute drive away and offers everything you could need for grocery shopping. It’s even open 24 hours a day!


For more extensive shopping needs, Multiplaza Mall is just up the street from Bellagio Tower. Here you’ll find one of the best shopping malls in Panama City. In addition to stores and brands from around the world, Multiplaza Mall includes tons of dining options and a cinema with VIP movie theaters. 


Want to learn more about this elegant and convenient neighborhood and all there is to do just steps from Bellagio Tower? Head to our Punta Pacifica information page to learn more. This page tells you everything you need to know about Punta Pacifica and what it has to offer. Checking out this page is a great way to get a feel for the area before you make a decision. 

Punta Pacifica Real Estate

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