Casco View

Living in Casco Viejo Panama Is Now Possible

We are proud to present this contemporary living pre-construction development in the historic center location you always wanted — at a bite-sized price point! Casco View Panama is for the buyer looking for modern design and that sought-after historic district location.

Living in Casco Viejo Panama Is Now Possible

We are proud to present this contemporary living pre-construction development in the historic center location you always wanted — at a bite-sized price point! Casco View Panama is for the buyer looking for modern design and that sought-after historic district location.

Delivery – 2023
11 Floors
Floor Plans Ranging From 45 m2 – 114 m2
Ranging from $128k to $320k

Rental Prices Starting at $750/month

$2,500 Avg Price per m2

Casco View Residences

All of the apartments for sale in Casco View offer beautiful layouts with functional designs for efficient use of space, double glazed floor-to-ceiling windows, porcelain floors, and quality finishes.


The developed project incorporates environmentally friendly alternative energy solutions such as solar panels, recycled materials, and eco-friendly building systems.


The project amenities consist of:

Casco View is close to everything! You are steps from the farmers market, one block from a small athletic court, three blocks from the Cinta Costera, and 4 blocks from the San Felipe historic center. 


If you like to walk, Casco View is for you. If you prefer to go in Uber or even public transportation, Casco View is built on one of the widest streets in the historic district! 

Casco View Apartments For Sale

Casco View Panama is modern in every sense of the word. Casco View impress you from the moment your enter the lobby, from the clean designs of the common areas to the modern-chic feel of the residences.


The building features six distinct floor plans for sale.


All apartments in Casco View Panama feature double glazed floor-to-ceiling double-paned windows and come with a balcony or terrace. Showers in Casco View feature rain showerheads, luxury tiling, his and her lavatories, and custom-designed furniture and fixtures.


The kitchens will all be installed with top-grade stainless steel and alloy fixtures, making them the perfect place to cook and entertain.

Casco View Apartments For Sale

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Location, Location, Location

Welcome to Casco Viejo, the historic core of Panama City! Founded in 1673, Casco Viejo is a small peninsula at one end of the Cinta Costera and is the oldest Panama City neighborhood. It is also one of the richest areas of culture, architecture, dining, and natural beauty. With narrow streets, colorful colonial architecture, and a diverse population, there’s undoubtedly something magical about this area.


Life in Casco Viejo is very different from what you’ll find in other areas of the city. Many residents of Casco Viejo compare their neighborhood to living in a quaint colonial town and the area is home to a diverse mix of residents, both expats and locals. In fact, international buyers have become more and more enchanted with the city’s historic heart, so here you’ll find a growing expat community that make up the majority of the buyers in the area.


Expats who choose to call Casco Viejo home are a mix of retirees, professionals, artists, bohemians, and entrepreneurs which highlights  that people from all walks of life are drawn to the rich history, local culture, and unparalleled beauty of the area.


It is also worth mentioning that homes in Casco Viejo typically don’t include the amenities that are common in most housing developments in the city so you’re unlikely to find a pool in any of the buildings here. However, in Casco View you’ll have a number of amenities that you can enjoy.


Apartments For Rent in Casco View

Panama Equity has been chosen as one of the preferred property management companies for Casco View. We are delighted to be accepting pre-delivery lease offers and have several models to choose from. 


Apartments for rent in Casco View are available furnished and unfurnished. All of the apartments for rent in this historic quarter of Panama include appliances, A/C, and window treatments.

Casco View Apartments For Rent

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Property Management In Casco View

We’ve been managing properties in Panama since 2008, and we’d love to help you find and keep a tenant in the Casco View.


For any new properties on the rental market for the first time, a quality property manager is key. Especially in Panama!


Our property management team has a 30 point inspection checklist to ensure that the developer will be held responsible for any defects or warranty issues.


We can also help you outfit your brand new Casco View apartment for rent with appliances, air conditioning, and furniture. This important step can make all the difference for what we call “curb appeal.”


At Panama Equity, we aggressively promote all of the properties we have under management. That means your apartment in Casco View gets rented faster. We also focus on corporate and expat tenants and have relationships with the human resources departments all over the country. In some cases such as Dell, Proctor and Gamble, and Copa, we list our properties for rent on internal marketing channels within the respective companies.


Property management in Panama is an important part of your investment strategy. That’s why our property management team will be focused on finding you a tenant as quickly as possible.


Once your Casco View apartment is rented and under property management, we will ensure that the costs are kept to a minimum. This includes holding the developer responsible for any guarantee items. We also ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard including air conditioning maintenance and general improvements throughout the year. All with your bottom line in mind!


Our property management division uses 3rd party labor and all costs are directly passed thru to the seller. That means no up charge and the best price available for parts and labor on all repairs and maintenance.


Our goal: Keep your property rented, keep your costs down, and keep both our tenant and our owner happy…


If you have recently purchased in Casco View or are looking for a different property management solution, call us today!

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