1 Tower – 24 Floors
Ranging from $199k – $375k
$2,600 Avg Price m2

Coronado Bay Real Estate

Coronado Bay was built by Empresas Bern in 2010 and has 24 floors, and 19 floors of apartments, with the other floors used for parking and amenities. There are 190 apartments, 10 per floor.


Every living room has an abundance of windows and an open-plan design, keeping the homes bright and airy and allowing residents to appreciate impressive views from all angles.


Tons of storage space is provided in all of the bedrooms giving family members and guests the privacy and comfort they seek.

oronado Bay Panama Building Description and Amenities
Coronado Bay Panama Building Description and Amenities

Where Is Coronado Bay?

Coronado Bay Amenities

This building has two separate social areas. On the ground floor, there is an infinity pool facing the sea, a children’s pool, and more than enough places to sit and relax. If you prefer to feel the sand on your feet, don’t fret as you will also have direct access to the beach from here.
Coronado Bay Panama Building Description and Amenities
For the second social area, you have to head all the way up to the roof! There is a rooftop pool, covered terrace, and sundeck, perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon. There is also a game room and a state-of-the-art gym. Adults will appreciate the two luxurious bars (one inside the covered terrace and another one inside the party room) and also the sauna, so you can relax after a long week at work whilst the children can spend time in the game room. The pool area has 360° views showing the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, and across Coronado. Head up there to take in Panama’s iconic sunsets and see the beauty of Coronado by night. Residents will also have 24-hour security and covered parking. 
Coronado Bay Panama Building Description and Amenities
Coronado Bay Panama Building Description and Amenities
Coronado Bay Panama Building Description and Amenities

Life In Coronado Bay

Is Coronado Bay the right choice for you? 


PH Coronado Bay is a well-located apartment complex on a quiet street in the gated community of Coronado. It is privileged enough to sit right on the beach and is only an hour and 30 minutes from Panama City. It provides direct beach access to Playa Coronado which is made up of a mix of white sand and black volcanic sand.


Coronado Bay is mostly inhabited by expats, some live full-time while others are snowbirds, but both enjoy the beach, the sea, and all the amenities that life in Coronado Bay has to offer. Apartments are available as 1 or 2 bedrooms, each comes with one parking space, and prices start at $200,000. Every apartment is tax-exempt until 2030 and HOA fees are currently $170 per month.


The building offers a lifestyle of elegance and is perfect for those who want to escape from the sometimes hectic city life whilst not being too far away from everyday commodities. From its ideal location to the stunning views and top-notch amenities, this building has something for everyone! It is no wonder so many choose this lovely community.


Coronado Bay is a popular choice for retirees, families, and young professionals looking to call Coronado home as well as those just seeking a weekend getaway.

All About Coronado

Coronado is a highly popular and developed beach town on the Pacific coast of Panama, located an hour or so from Panama City.


It has a large, thriving, ex-pat community that is growing all the time but is also a getaway for Panamanians in need of a sun-soaked beach break.


As one of Panama’s first weekend/resort developments, Coronado is several years of development ahead of the other surrounding beach towns. Coronado caters for most First World needs with a number of shopping complexes featuring five supermarkets, hardware stores, homeware stores, a number of restaurants and fast food options, doctors (including English-speaking clinics), dentists, opticians, a thriving Thursday expat market, and two cinemas (though English showings are generally limited to once per week). For families with children, there is also Coronado International School (https://corointschool.edu.pa/), which covers Preschool to High School following the US curriculum. 


Those living here can still enjoy many—if not all—of the conveniences of life back home, many at a comparatively reduced rate. While there is significant development in this area, there are definitely still opportunities for growth, property appreciation, and new businesses and services.


Real Estate in and around Coronado is attractive for several reasons, including its natural beauty, warm climate, low cost of living and its many amenities. In addition to those listed above, Coronado boasts one of the finest professional golf courses in Latin America. The course has 18 holes and was designed by Tom Fazio, one of the best golf course designers in the world.


In addition to the golf course, Coronado also has professional tennis courts, pickleball courts, and an Equestrian Club that has world-class equine facilities.  There are also sea-based activities too including fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving nearby in the clear waters off the coast. 


The beach is a mix of white and black volcanic sand, and the various stretches of beaches go on for miles. During the week you can usually have huge stretches of beach all to yourself, though at the weekend, particularly in the summer (Dec-Apr), it can be much busier. This can also lead to significant congestion on the roads, especially during national holidays.


Other condo buildings in Coronado are Coronado Golf, the Alcazar, and Serena Towers.

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