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Today, Coronado is the hub of beach life in Panama, offering fantastic amenities and the infrastructure to match the unrivaled surrounding natural beauty. And, with a beaten down beaches real estate market, it might just be the best time to get in and buy — or rent, if you haven’t visited or made up your mind yet that Coronado is the right spot for you.

Coronado Beach Area in Panama


Back in the 1940s, Coronado was a handful of sleepy ranches speckled along an unspoiled stretch of Pacific beaches. Today, it is the hub of beach life in Panama, offering fantastic amenities and the infrastructure to match the unrivaled surrounding natural beauty. Given Coronado’s picture-perfect location and its status as the least rainy spot in Panama (three days of rain during the rainy season!), it’s no wonder that expats in the know from the U.S., Canada and Europe have decided to call Coronado home and even set up new businesses here — in town or right on the beach.
The Lowdown on the Coronado Real Estate Market

The Lowdown on the Coronado Real Estate Market

Panama’s beach real estate market, with its epicenter in Coronado and the surrounding areas, is a buyer’s market right now. With new-construction projects at an all time high, there’s plenty of great beach inventory to choose from. And the resale market is active too, meaning there is a deal to be had for the patient and informed buyer.

Tips for Buying and Financing Panamanian Real Estate

If you can snatch up a pre-construction condo, you may be eligible for developer financing, which is a big time saver and can be prudent in the long run, depending on how much time you plan on spending in Panama. For additional insight on mortgages in Panama, read our mortgages and financing guide for the options available to you on how to qualify for a bank mortgage in Panama and the documentation you’ll need. If you’re new to buying and investing in Panama, here are some tips on how to optimize your property taxes and the lowdown on getting homeowner’s insurance.

Why Live in Coronado?

Coronado today boasts three shopping malls, a buzzing restaurant and nightlife scene with top-notch international cuisine, excellent healthcare clinics and a hospital, and several international schools.

Best of all, Coronado is the closest beach town from Panama City. Hop on the Pan-American Highway and you’re there in an hour. And, once the Chorrera-San Carlos highway amplification project, the new Metro Line 3 and the new bridge over the Canal are all completed, new routes out of the city and a huge reduction in cars will make travel a real breeze. Hold your breath, it’s coming!

Once you’re there, you’ll see why living a year-round outdoor lifestyle is what Coronado is really all about. Think surfing, deep sea fishing, whale watching, stand-up paddling, kite-boarding and more — on land and at sea. Or, watch the sunset with literally the freshest ceviche in hand (and a cold beer to pair) along the string of beautiful beaches. For golf enthusiasts, Coronado also boasts four prime 18-hole courses, all set within luxury communities with club houses and amenities to match. And, if you’ve had enough of the beaches, Coronado is a great launchpad for day trips to nearby mountain retreats nestled amidst Panama’s tropical dry forests. Check out our Guide to Living and Investing in Coronado for everything the town has to offer.