Welcome to Coronado!

Welcome to Coronado, one of Panama’s top beach communities and for good reason. With easy access to and from Panama City, some of the best weather in the nation (it consistently holds the record as the least-rainy spot), and a vibrant and growing community, it’s no wonder that expats and retirees from all over the globe choose to make Coronado their home away from home.

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Getting to Coronado

Coronado is a coastal city and the closest beach community from Panama City. Hop on the Pan-American Highway and you’re there in an hour. To get here, you’ll enjoy a scenic drive on Panama’s Pacific Coast, along newly paved roads and charming country sides.

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What to Expect in Coronado

Coronado has come a long way from its humble beginnings. In the mid-1900s, the community consisted of a handful of small ranches that dotted the stunning beaches of the Pacific coast. Fast forward to today, and you have a thriving town that’s the hub of beach life in Panama.

Today, Coronado boasts three shopping malls, a buzzing restaurant and nightlife scene with top-notch international cuisine, excellent healthcare clinics and a hospital, and several international schools. The near-perfect weather means that whatever your outdoor activity of choice is, be it golfing, surfing, fishing, or lounging, Coronado has something just for you. 

When you take into consideration the striking natural landscape, robust lineup of amenities, great weather, and proximity to so many other destinations in Panama, you’d be hard pressed to find a better beach community in Panama or anywhere, for that matter. Add to that the variety of new and old housing developments and properties for sale, and making Coronado your new home can be a reality in no time. 

Is Coronado the right place for you? While Coronado is home to people from all over the world, when it comes to expats, this is one place that is definitely favored by retirees. There are plenty of reasons that retirees and snowbirds opt to make Coronado their second home. 

In general, Coronado offers the perfect balance for those looking to put down roots in Latin America. The beautiful beaches that are easy to enjoy by all are perfect for those who have always imagined spending their retirement years by the ocean. Whether it’s a morning stroll on the sand, an afternoon spent out on the water, or merely watching the sunset from your balcony with a glass of wine in hand, living in Coronado means you have access to the beach and ocean around the clock. 

Additionally, the town of Coronado provides the perfect mix of comfort and amenities along with local flavor. Supermarkets, banks, hardware stores, veterinarians, hospitals, shops, restaurants, and pharmacies are all plentiful, meaning residents can carry on living their best lives without feeling deprived (yes, there are even some American fast-food chains).

During the week, Coronado is quiet and friendly, with residents going about their lives and enjoying their little slice of paradise. On the weekends, the action picks up a bit, with visitors who often come from the city or surrounding communities to enjoy a day at the beach.

Current Coronado Real Estate Listings

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Life In Coronado - At A Glance

When it comes to life in Coronado, it’s easy to be as active, or inactive, as you like. Lots of residents choose to get out early in the day and get in some exercise before the sun gets too high in the sky. Walking along the beach, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, and golfing are all popular activities with residents. For the adventurous, Coronado is also a great destination for kiteboarding and even whale watching in certain seasons. 

And, if you’ve had enough of the beaches (like that’s even possible), Coronado is a great launchpad for day trips to nearby mountain retreats nestled amidst Panama’s tropical dry forests.

As far as dining in Coronado goes, you’ll find a bit of everything in this beach town. There are plenty of small, family-owned that have been there for years and dish up heaping plates of Panamanian classics at low prices. There are also newer, and fancier, restaurants where you can enjoy a nice dinner and a bottle of wine. Wherever you go, take advantage of the delicious local seafood, that is often caught that very day. 

Pizza seems to be a favorite in Coronado, and there are new pizza places popping up all the time. Whether you’re in the mood for wood fired thin-crust pizza, or something a bit heartier, you’ll have no trouble finding a pie that hits the spot. There are also a number of great cafes and coffee shops that are perfect for getting your caffeine fix and reading a book or catching up with friends. 

In the evenings, there are plenty of places to relax and have a drink. Expats in Coronado are very friendly, and it isn’t hard to find a group to hang out with. Picasso’s Bar and Restaurant is a popular spot that expats and locals alike will often visit for happy hour. If you’re the gambling sort, there are also a handful of casinos in the area.

Shopping in Coronado

While Coronado doesn’t have any full-scale shopping malls like those you’ll find in Panama City, it does have just about everything you could need in the way of groceries and shopping. There are a number of large supermarkets to choose from including El Rey, Super 99, and a mini-Riba Smith. These chain stores stock a wide variety of products from different brands, fresh produce, and even have a deli section. There are also a few specialty stores in town, including an Organic food store, Organics. 

When it comes to getting the freshest produce, often your best bet is to buy from the local street vendors. Not only can you get loads of fresh produce for less than you would pay at the supermarket, but buying from vendors is also a fun cultural experience and a great way to support local farmers. 

In addition to food shopping, you’ll also find a number of other stores and shops scattered around town. There are three small shopping malls where you can find a mix of stores, services, and dining establishments together, making for a convenient way to check several of your errands off you list at once. 

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