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Costa del Este is one of Panama City’s most desirable neighborhoods, that has a feel of its own. Many residents say that this Panama City neighborhood feels like living in a “city-within-a-city.” Close to the rest of the capital, but packed with shops, restaurants, spas, banks, schools, and offices. This area feels like a self-sustaining community.

Popular Listings

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Getting There

This district is located 5 kilometers east of downtown Panama city and is accessed by the Corredor Sur national highway system as well as Cincuentenario Avenue.

On the eastern periphery of the capital, this area has often been described as having a Los Angeles-esque vibe. The wide streets are lined with palm trees. And it isn’t uncommon to see luxury cars cruising down the road. 

Here you will find sleek skyscrapers and many gated communities with single-family homes and duplexes as well as great dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

What to Expect

Many residents enjoy a short commute to numerous corporations with offices in the area. They also send their children to schools nearby. 

Residents can happily spend most of their time right in their neighborhood without the necessity of going anywhere else. Here you find serene and peaceful streets, and plenty in the way of dining, shopping, and nightlife, 

When residents want to venture out, they can access both Tocumen International Airport and downtown Panama City. All within an easy 15-minute drive, offering the best of both worlds.

Is this area right for you?

There’s no doubt that this is a desirable area to live in and, as such, is highly sought after in terms of real estate. 

It is especially popular with expats who favor a more relaxed pace of life found outside of the city center. Residents hail from all over, but this is one area that is home to many wealthy expats from elsewhere in Latin America. 

You’ll still find all of the amenities here that you might enjoy in some of Panama City’s more centrally located neighborhoods. But with a relaxed vibe that many consider being more livable. 

Schools and Work

An abundance of high-quality international schools is one reason that expats with families are eager to move here. Colegio Brader, Saint Augustin’s School, and Oxford International school amongst others are all nearby. 

Many professionals also choose to call Costa del Este home due to a large number of corporations that have offices in the area. Telefonica Panama, Bladex, Maersk, DHL Express, and Copa Airlines all have large scale offices here.

Finally, when you consider the variety of options available for dining, shopping, or heading to the spa, it’s no wonder that this is a popular choice for Panama City residents looking to pamper themselves.

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Life in Costa Del Este

One thing everyone agrees on is that life in this area provides plenty to do. For those who enjoy being outdoors, you’ll be happy to find that this area was developed around a giant public park. 

Parque Costa del Este is at the heart of this neighborhood and is the perfect spot for running, strolling, playing with kids, or walking the dog. Additionally, Paseo del Mar is a bayside beltway that’s popular for joggers, walkers, and anyone looking to get a move on with a great view.

For a meal out, there are plenty of options that keep residents and visitors from elsewhere in the city coming back for more. There are also options for those looking to wine and dine in a more gourmet environment. From expertly prepared seafood to French classics, to Mediterranean cuisine.

Costa del Este is also trending towards offering more and more nightlife destinations for residents. While this is certainly an area where things don’t stay open until the wee hours, a growing number of breweries and bars offer residents plenty to do after the sun goes down.

Shopping – Groceries and Fashion

Another thing residents love is the ability to take care of any shopping needs without ever having to leave the neighborhood. With a Riba Smith, Super 99, and Rey supermarket in the area, residents have plenty of choices for one-stop-grocery-shopping.

For shopping, Atrio Mall  includes over 400 stores with brands from both Panama and beyond. Apart from just shopping, Atrio Mall also features a movie theater and plenty of dining options.

Current Listings

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