Welcome to El Valle de Anton!

Welcome to El Valle de Antón, or more commonly referred to as “El Valle.” This is the ideal mountain oasis if you’re searching for a retreat from city living. Here you’ll find a quaint mountain town nestled in a valley of a dormant volcano.

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Getting to El Valle de Anton

At about 600 meters above sea level, residents enjoy cool temperatures year round. It’s rare for temperatures to dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or rise above the mid-80s.

It isn’t just the glorious weather that draws people to El Valle. Located only about an hour and 45 minutes from Panama City, this destination is ideal for capital dwellers looking for a second home. El Valle provides residents with at relaxing environment where you can slow down and appreciate the beauty of Panama’s mountains.

If you enjoy the beach, you can access some of Panama’s best Pacific coast beaches like Coronado and Rio Mar from El Valle in under an hour. This is one mountain town that provides the best of both worlds.

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What To Expect In El Valle de Anton

Is El Valle the right place for you? If waking up in the natural beauty of the mountains with everything you need closeby, you’re in the right place. 

Both Panamanians and expats have been known to put down roots in El Valle. Sure, it’s ideal for a vacation home. However, many more people visit El Valle once or twice, fall in love, and decide to move here permanently. Most expats hail from the United States and Canada. You’ll also find new friends from Europe and Latin America. Retirees make up the bulk of those who live here full time, but plenty of professionals work remotely from El Valle. A sizeable group also relocate with the aim of starting their own local business.

As far as real estate goes, El Valle is entirely free of the skyscrapers and large developments that cover the capital and several of the beach communities. Instead, you’ll find the streets here lined with single-family homes of all sorts. Colonial architecture, influences a lot of the town. And many of the larger homes also boast lovely gardens that thrive in the region’s temperate climate.

So if your focus is on living close to nature, El Valle might just be the perfect place to make your next home.

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Living and Exploring El Valle de Anton

El Valle’s natural beauty and laidback lifestyle are what draw many residents to purchase homes in this charming town. On any given day you’re likely to find residents hiking to La India Dormida (a nearby peak that affords great views of the town), bird watching, visiting the hot springs, or enjoying mountain views and fresh air. 

While the natural beauty is definitely the star of El Valle’s offerings, that doesn’t mean that life here is void of amenities. Residents have access to high-speed internet, Direct TV, reliable electricity, and cell service. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that residents and visitors alike enjoy. 

A number of local establishments dish up Panamanian food, so it’s easy to score a filling and delicious lunch for around five dollars. International fare is pricier, but you can get a great Italian or Peruvian meal for much less than you’d pay elsewhere. And for a special outing, don’t miss La Casa De Lourdes. Tucked into the courtyard of a colonial-style home, they dish up generous portions of international cuisine and offers a stunning ambiance.

When it comes to preparing your own food, El Valle also offers an abundance of choices for grocery shopping. The bulk of the stores in the area are small-scale supermarkets, and tend to be well-stocked with a variety of options. If you can’t find the ingredient you’re looking for in one, chances are another does..

On Sundays, the El Valle open-air market is in session. Here, residents buy fresh fruits and vegetables, a wide variety of flowers, plants, and traditional handicrafts. Many people choose to do their weekly shopping at the market to ensure they get the freshest local produce.

In addition to supermarkets, there are a handful of other shops in El Valle to meet the needs of residents. Paseo El Valle is a small shopping center that includes a cafe, a grocery, gym, bike shop, and an assortment of other storefronts.

If there’s something you’re in search of that you can’t find in El Valle, Coronado is only a 40-minute drive away. There, you’ll find all you could want in the way of shopping, amenities, and healthcare. Most residents agree that El Valle provides just enough to make living comfortable without an excess of shops – and traffic – that you’re likely to find in larger communities.

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El Valle de Anton

The wonderful El Valle de Anton.


El Valle de Anton is one of the nicest mountain communities in Panama. Located at about 600 meters above sea level, the temperatures are cool all year round, ranging from mid-60°F to low 80°F and in El Valle, no air conditioning is necessary at night. Driving time from Panama City is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes or 114 kilometers (71 miles). El Valle sits on a dormant volcano which stretches about 6 kilometers wide. The area has become a weekend hub for Panamanian families and foreigners living in Panama, primarily because of its amenities and natural attractions.

Amenities and Attractions

There are quite a few convenience stores where almost everything you need can be purchased at very reasonable prices. On Sundays, there is the open-air market where residents can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and a wide variety of flowers, plants and traditional handcrafts. For the convenience of its habitants, El Valle de Anton also has a gas station and a small outdoor mini-mall. In other words, it offers almost everything you need, so leaving town isn’t obligatory. That being said, morning surfing at one of the nearby towns (San Carlos, Coronado, Rio Mar, Malibu) is just a 30-40 minute drive. The well-known town of Coronado is just 45 minutes away. Here you’ll find hospitals, golf, equestrian services, restaurants and shops, 24-hour supermarkets, 4 malls, and several banks among many other amenities and facilities. The population of El Valle de Anton is a mixture of local Panamanians whose families have lived there for over a century, a community of Panamanians who have built their vacation homes there and a number of expats from mainly North America. Among the natural attractions to enjoy are canopy zip line, hiking to the well-known La India Dormida, bird watching, hot springs, and of course taking in the wonderful mountain views and fresh mountain air. In more recent times, a connection between El Valle de Anton and Altos del Maria took place. A fully paved connecting and is only 10 kilometers from the beginning of the Altos del Maria development. Making navigating the terrain for locals, holidaymakers and expats, all that easier. If you have considered moving to Panama, take the time to drive by El Valle. The real estate market is pretty active, especially among families looking a weekend retreat in the mountains. It offers a wide variety of real estate and Panama Equity is glad to assist you in this search.   Click here to view our latest listings in this truly idyllic location…