El Valle Panama Real Estate

Browse through our listings of El Valle real estate, including homes for sale and rent, and contact us with any questions. El Valle de Anton is one of the nicest mountain communities in Panama, located at about 600 meters above sea level, the temperatures are cool all year round, ranging from mid-60°F to low 80°F and in El Valle, no air conditioning is necessary at night. Driving time from Panama City is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes or 114 Kilometers (71 miles).

El Valle Panama sits on a dormant volcano which stretches about 6 kilometers wide. El Valle has become a weekend hub for Panamanian families and foreigners living in Panama, primarily because of its amenities and natural attractions. There are quite a few hotels including the famous boutique hotel Calle Los Mandarinos, which is surrounded by primary rain forest, offering really impressive cuisine. Many other cabins, B&Bs, and small hotels offer accommodations to visitors ranging from $20/night to $250. El Valle de Anton also offers a wide variety of local restaurants where you can have a full meal for under $5.00 or enjoy international cuisine for $15.

There are quite a few convenience stores in El Valle Panama where almost everything you need for groceries can be purchased at very reasonable prices. On Sundays, the El Valle Panama open-air market is in session where residents buy fresh fruits and vegetables and a wide variety of flowers, plants and traditional handcrafts. (One of the best brownies I have eaten was from a small coffee shop right on the main road.)

For the convenience of its habitants, El Valle de Anton also has a gas station and a small outdoor mini mall. In other words, it offers almost everything you need, so leaving town isn’t obligatory. That being said, morning surfing at one of the nearby towns (San Carlos, Coronado, Rio Mar, Malibu) is just a 30-40 minute drive.

The well known town of Coronado is just 45 minute from El Valle Panama where you’ll find hospitals, golf, equestrian services, many restaurants and shops, 24-hour supermarkets, 4 malls, and several banks among many others amenities and facilities.

The population of EL Valle de Anton is a mix of local Panamanians whose families have lived there for over 100 year, a community of part time Panamanians who built their second home for the weekend and a number of Expats from US and Canada.

Among the natural attractions El Valle are canopy zip line, hiking to the well-known La India Dormida, bird watching, hot springs, and of course, it´s wonderful mountain views and fresh mountain air. Recently, a connection between El Valle de Anton and Altos del Maria took place, a connecting road amidst the mountains is now 100% paved and is only 10 kilometers from the beginning of the Altos del Maria Development. Residents from Altos del Maria often use this road to visit friends in El Valle de Anton or for dinning and enjoyment of El Valle Attractions.

If you have considered moving to Panama, take the time to drive by El Valle. The El Valle Panama real estate market is pretty active, especially among Panamanian families looking for a fresh weekend stay up in the mountains. It offers finished houses as well as building lots and as always, Panama Equity is glad to assist you in this search.