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Welcome to Gorgona Panama, a beautiful beach town offering low key living on a stunning stretch of Pacific coastline. If you’re looking for it on a map, it’s official name is Nueva Gorgona. Its shortened nickname is one of the best indicators of its laid back feel.

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Getting to Gorgona Panama

Located just a little over an hour away from the nation’s capital, Gorgona is one of the closest beach communities to Panama City. Only ten minutes from the much larger Coronado, Gorgona has maintained a more rustic and less developed status, while still being largely popular with weekend visitors and expat residents.

It isn’t uncommon to hear about expats stopping through Gorgona for a weekend vacation, coming back the next year for a longer trip, and finally deciding to put down roots in this quaint town. One feature that sets Gorgona Panama apart from other beach areas is that at low tide you can walk on the beach for hundreds of meters in both directions.

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What To Expect In Gorgona

Is Gorgona the right place for you? Panama certainly has its fair share of beach communities to choose from and each one is unique. If your preference leans more toward a local and lowkey beach experience as opposed to a larger and more commercialized community, then Gorgona may just be the perfect place for you.

For retirees, you’ll find that Gorgona is the perfect place to make the most of your new found freedom. You can fill your days with long strolls on the sandy shore, or take advantage of the excellent surfing at Malibu beach anytime you like. Spend your evenings watching the sunset from your balcony and enjoying the fresh ocean breeze.

Gorgona real estate options are varied and give buyers or renters plenty of options (and price points) to choose from. There are rustic single family homes close to the water, top of the line condominiums, and even luxury villas. While Gorgona is growing in popularity amongst affluent Panamanians seeking to buy luxurious vacation homes near the beach, there are also plenty of smaller scale options that may lack fancy amenities but boast tons of local charm.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, a little searching will likely prove that there’s something perfect for you amongst the Gorgona real estate options on the market.

Gorgona Real Estate Listings

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Living and Exploring Panama City

Many people prefer life in Gorgona Panama as an alternative to the much more “americanized” Coronado. While this means fewer amenities in the way of dining and shopping, most residents find that they can easily get by with what Gorgona has to offer and only occasionally need to supplement their routine with trips to Coronado.

The grocery shopping scene in Gorgona is dominated by a handful of small mini-marts. While many of these stores are geared mostly towards providing snacks and drinks to day-tripping beach-goers, they have enough in the way of pantry staples to save you a trip to a larger store.

When it comes time to do a bigger shopping trip, the Rey grocery store in Coronado is less than a ten minute drive away. Here you’ll find a complete shopping experience including plenty of local and international brands of packaged foods and drinks. For other shopping needs, there are a handful of shops at the entrance to Nueva Gorgona along the Pan-American Highway. 

It goes without saying that while Gorgona  Panama doesn’t offer the robust array of shopping and dining options that nearby Coronado does, residents prefer it this way. The lack of larger shopping centers and fast-food chains keep Gorgona feeling uniquely Panamanian which is exactly why many people choose to relocate here in the first place.

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