Las Cumbres Real Estate

Browse through our listings of Las Cumbres real estate and contact us with any questions. Las Cumbres is a little known suburb of Panama located about 20 minutes to the North East of Panama City, Panama. Las Cumbres real estate’s most well known feature is the small freshwater lake surrounded by green hills, a focal point for many of the homes for sale and a nice relaxing environment to spend the weekend.

Residents in Panama are drawn to the Las Cumbres real estate because the price points on single family homes for sale tend to be significantly lower than comparables in the center of Panama City. Most of the homes for sale in Las Cumbres typically have large lots and are anywhere from one to three stories in construction. Prices of a typical 1,500 square foot three bedroom home for sale range from $150,000 up to in excess of $1,000,000.

Las Cumbres Panama

Las Cumbres has all of the conveniences of living in a small town, including 24 hour grocery stores, banks, and some local restaurants with proximity to downtown Panama City. The real advantage of Las Cumbres real estate is the fact that you will be living in a truly Panamanian style area, meaning prices will be lower on things like fresh fruit and vegetables and services like carwashes, lawncare, and general handyman type contractors. Prices on real estate and particularly homes for sale in Las Cumbres also are anywhere from 20-50% less than similar homes for sale in Panama City. It is a City suburb in the truest sense of the word.