Panama Beach Condos for Sale

Browse through our listings of Panama Beach Condos for Sale and contact us with any questions. Panama beach condos for sale can be found within a relatively short distance from Panama City. If you are looking to purchase a beach condo in Panama, the closest location from the city is Gorgona, on the Pacific Coast, which is just over a 45-minute drive.

Gorgona is just one of many small Panama beach towns. Moving from East to West, the next stop along Panama’s beachfront is Coronado, probably one of Panama’s most developed beach towns. One can find a variety of Panama beach condos for sale in Coronado, including the famous Country Club Towers which is a complex of three high-rise condos located steps from the water. Prices in these condos generally start around $250,000 for a moderately sized two or three-bedroom condo. There are also a few beach penthouses for sale in this project. Other beachfront condos for sale in Coronado include the now-famous Coronado Bay which features two large infinity pools overlooking the beach, a beachfront bar and cabana.

Some of the smaller beach towns in Panama include Punta Barco, Costa Esmeralda, El Cortijo, San Carlos, and El Palmar. At the moment, there are currently no beach condos for sale in the Costa Esmeralda or El Cortijo neighborhoods, but that is not the case with areas like Vista Mar, Playa Blanca and even Buenaventura, all of which offer a very nice variety of beach condos for sale. Prices range quite considerably for beachfront condos for sale along Panama’s coastline, the most accessible price point on older apartments in the Gorgona area and topping off on the luxury level in Buenaventura and Rio Mar.

One of our favorite new beach condos in Panama is the Rio Mar project, located about an hour and ten minutes drive from Panama City, or about ten minutes from Coronado. Why do we like the Rio Mar project so much? We like the quality of the development, we love the amenities like the massive pool, lovely gym, and landscaped property, and we LOVE the views! Apartments for sale in Rio Mar feature some of the most fantastic beach condo views from anywhere in Panama! You’ve also got the impressive topography of the Rio Mar beachfront along with the deep rich green and towering mountains in the distance. Surfing in Rio Mar is among the best, and closest to Panama City: as simple as an afternoon drive.

If you are looking for a Panama beach condo, we have agents standing by. We also have a number of Panama beach condos for sale listed directly with the owners. Contact us now for help in identifying the right Panama beach condo for you!