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Browse through our listings of Panama beach real estate and contact us with any questions. Foreign citizens (non Panamanians) are granted the same rights, privileges, and protections as Panamanian citizens when it comes to owning beach property in Panama. If you are considering purchasing Panama beach real estate along any of Panama’s beautiful beaches, you have probably already realized that there is quite a bit of variety when looking at Panama beach real estate that may already be published on the internet.

The Caribbean coast (along the Atlantic or northern side) is the least developed beach area of Panama. As such, there are only a few beach developments in this region, most of which are concentrated in the Costa Arriba area north of Panama City and in Bocas del Toro area. The Costa Arriba area has a variety of Panama beach property for sale including beachfront lots, condo developments, and beach homes for sale. One word of caution when looking at Panama beach real estate along Panama’s Caribbean coast: do your homework and hire an attorney. There are many restrictions in place for building along the Caribbean coast because of the rich archeological and ecological history of the area. The Ministry of Living (MIVI) and the environmental oversight administration (ANAM) have some very strict restrictions on building, so if you are looking to develop your Panama beach property, it is important to do your research and make sure there are no restrictions on the property you are looking to purchase.

Another viable option along the Caribbean coast of Panama is Bala Beach, a three tower beachfront development about 45 minutes drive from Panama City. San Marino is yet another area where beach property is readily available, including beachfront lots and beachfront homes.

Panama Beach Homes & Properties for Sale

The most developed beach area of Panama is the Pacific coast, which has been the area that most Panamanians have kept second homes over the years. The most frequented Panama beach home areas along this coast start about 45 minutes drive from Panama City and extend about 45 minutes West along the Interamerican Highway. If you are looking for high upside to your beachfront property in Panama, a few areas that are experiencing tremendous growth because of new infrastructure and new beach developments are Punta Chame, Playa Corona, and the new development called Playa Dorada in La Chorerra. Beach homes and property along these hotspots remains relatively inexpensive, with prices hovering right around $100 per meter for beachfront lots, $1,200 for single story beach construction, and $1,800 per meter for beachfront condos. Compared to Costa Rica, Panama is still a much better value considering all of these beach areas are less than a one hour drive to cosmopolitan Panama City.

The most developed Panama beach areas along the Pacific coast of Panama are Coronado, Santa Clara, Farallon, and Punta Barco. Coronado is considered the largest, most developed beach town in Panama and will probably hold that distinction for many years to come because of all of the construction still going on. If you are looking for Panama beach real estate in Coronado, you would be hard pressed to find the same prices as areas like Chame and Playa Corona, since Coronado is very much “on the map” in terms of buyers looking for something directly on the water. To see more information on all of the beach areas of Panama and information on how to purchase beach property in Panama, please feel free to explore the other areas of our site or contact the author at