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The charming fishing village of Pedasi is a hidden gem on Panama’s Pacific Coast, tucked away on the pristine Azuero Peninsula. Pedasi is home to the country’s best surf and sport fishing, a wealth of marine life and some of its most beautiful untouched beaches. No wonder a thriving and diverse community of locals and expats from all over love to call it home.

Pedasi Peninsula in Panama


Why Should You Consider Pedasi?

Just over a 4-hour drive west of Panama City, Pedasi retains its small town charm and slow-paced lifestyle, unchanged even as its downtown and beach areas are increasingly becoming hubs of development. Yet residents need to travel no further than a half an hour to Las Tablas for government offices, large supermarkets and Panama’s number one Carnival festivities.

To this day, the Azuero Peninsula remains mostly cattle pasture, with rolling hills of bright green grass that turn golden in the summer. Brahman cattle dot the landscape, herded by ranchers on horseback.

Just steps away, though, are the main reason expats and locals are choosing to move to Pedasi: unspoiled beaches with access to world-class surfing, sport fishing and diving, as well as the top tourist destinations of Playa Venao and Isla Iguana. No wonder Pedasi is often mentioned in the same breath as Costa Rica’s eco-tourism hotspots Tamarindo or Manuel Antonio, but without the same price tag.

The potential is clearly there as new businesses open up and the newly formed Pedasi Chamber of Tourism works to boost Pedasi’s growing tourism offerings.

Best of all, Pedasi remains authentically Panamanian, having maintained its strong cultural traditions – as well as spearheading new festivals, like the Barro community fest and the Pedasi Art Festival.

Check out our in-depth Guide to Living in Pedasi to read more about everything the area has to offer to anyone considering moving there.

Infrastructure & Development in Pedasi

The Panamanian government has been investing serious sums in the Azuero Peninsula. Getting to Pedasi is now easier than ever, as an almost brand new highway will get you from Divisa to Pedasi, including a newly completed 4-lane highway expansion between Divisa and Las Tablas. Big upgrades to the power and water systems are also meeting increasing demand from a growing community. On the healthcare front, two new hospitals are opening in La Villa de Los Santos and Pedasi (MINSA CAPSI).

And the town itself is constantly abuzz with new beautification projects, led by a very competent mayor’s office. From a newly renovated town square to a modernized waste management system, new bus stops, sidewalks — you name it, the mayor is on it.

The Lowdown on Pedasi’s Real Estate Market

After weathering the global downturn, Pedasi real estate sales have been picking up steadily over the last few years. We believe Pedasi is poised to make a strong presence in Panamanian real estate offerings. Following on the heels of several large investors who have snapped up multi-million dollar pieces of beachfront land for development (including the group behind the Sheraton hotels in Panama), sales of finished homes and pre-construction condo and home offerings are getting increasingly strong in Pedasi.

Panama Equity has been on the ground in Pedasi for the last decade, developing local market insights and helping both buyers and sellers do business safely and effectively. Our wide variety of listings runs the gamut from $30k home lots to $28MM development parcels; from $100k townhomes to $5.5MM estates. Simply put, we have our finger on the pulse of the market and we know the inventory inside and out. We’d welcome the chance to help you join our great community.

Tips for Buying and Financing Panamanian Real Estate

If you can snatch up a pre-construction condo, you may be eligible for developer financing, which is a big time saver and can be prudent in the long run, depending on how much time you plan on spending in Panama. For additional insight on mortgages in Panama, read our mortgages and financing guide for the options available to you on how to qualify for a bank mortgage in Panama and the documentation you’ll need.

If you’re new to buying and investing in Panama, here are some tips on how to optimize your property taxes and the lowdown on getting homeowner’s insurance.