Life in Altos del Maria Panama

Life in Altos del Maria Panama

Many people outside of Panama ask us, what is there to do in Altos del Maria Panama? Altos del Maria is the ideal environment for outdoor lifestyles, and one can be as active or as relaxed as they choose. True in any mountain community, there are a myriad of options when it comes to communing with nature including bird watching, hiking, swimming, and gardening.

Altos del Maria is known locally and internationally as one of the best places in the world for bird watching. It’s now been proven that over 230 species of birds have been spotted in this development. This amount represents about 30% of all species of birds known in Panama to date!

The best time to do bird watching in Altos would be early in the mornings. Even bird watching tours from El Valle de Antón come to Altos del Maria to appreciate the true beauty of the mountains and birds living in this wonderful environment.

Altos del Maria Activities

Another great activity that residents in Altos del Maria enjoy is discovering the wildlife and local plants along more than 10 kilometers of nature trails, the longest being about 2 kilometers along the river. All the trails are easy to walk since they are built of concrete with holding rails in the steep areas. Along the Maria River residents can swim in different areas, including the main waterfall and swimming pond known as Charco Las Doncellas. If you like more extreme adventures, climbing the Picacho Mountain is a rewarding and challenging experience; the views are absolutely stunning. Another great day trip is the hike to the top of Cerro Gaital where you can see the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day while enjoying the cool breezes of primary forest.

If you don´t feel like walking, take a drive to one of the 20 different look out points complete with benches and sitting areas. Bring a book, sit for a while and let nature take over a moment while enjoying the cool mountain air and spectacular views.

For the convenience of its residents, the developer at Altos de Maria Panama real estate has built an activity center which includes a gymnasium, a play room, party rooms and meditation garden. You will also several LCD TVs for the big game. If you are planning a family birthday, the party room is large and offers chairs and tables for convenience. The activity center is also a meeting point for Altos del Maria residents to get together for such events as book clubs, pot luck dinners, bridge games, and other hobby related meetings. The full time residents in Altos del Maria are well organized and maintain a communication blog where all announcements of activities are posted (Yoga classes, Qi Gong classes, Spanish classes, and other activities). Once a month, they meet for breakfast at the activity center and welcome new residents. Activities for charities are also held on occasion in order to stay involved with the surrounding communities

You’ve probably heard the expression “everything grows quickly in Panama.” This happens to be more true in Altos del Maria. Composed mostly of volcanic soil, the earth is full of nutrients necessary for almost any kind of tropical plants. If you enjoy gardening, Altos del Maria is perhaps the most ideal spot for your trade within driving distance of Panama City. And if you need a bit of help, local gardeners run about 20 dollars per day.

Blending in and being part of Altos del Maria is easy and straightforward and you can be as busy as you like!

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