Panama Equity presenting at LPS Shanghai Luxury Expo

Panama Equity presenting at LPS Shanghai Luxury Expo

Panama Equity’s gearing up for LPS Shanghai, the leading luxury real estate exhibition in China’s commercial and financial capital. We’ll be there December 8-10 in the company of over 130 luxury real estate companies from 35+ countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East. The show is targeted at Chinese high- and ultra high net worth individuals and investors. So let’s show them exactly what Panama’s all about!

Why would Chinese investors look at Panama’s real estate market?

Panama, having just formalized diplomatic relations with China in 2017, represents an attractive path for the Chinese to permanent residency and eventual citizenship via Panama’s economic self solvency visa. And, as China is projected to continue growing at 6+% next year, the over 350,000 millionaires currently living in Shanghai won’t be slowing down anytime soon as they invest 10% of their wealth into luxury real estate.

The fact that Panama is U.S. dollar-based, has no restrictions on property ownership by foreigners, and continues to have low property values are three reasons why Panama Equity has decided to present Panama’s real estate industry at LPS in Shanghai this year.

Panama Equity representing Fendi

Panama Equity has won exclusive rights to present the new Fendi project to

Chinese buyers in Shanghai.

We believe that the Chinese will appreciate the fact that Panama is home to more than 200 multinational companies and is the historic gateway to Latin America, with friendly immigration policies and an influential Chinese community that dates back to the late 1800’s.

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