Sports & Outdoors in El Cangrejo: Choose Your Own Adventure

Parque Andres Bello is a hub of activity for all ages – it hosts kids’ sports clubs, zumba, yoga, tai-chi classes, has nature paths and jogging trails, as well as pick-up basketball and soccer.

The nearby Parque Metropolitano (a 10 minute drive away) is a paradise within the city for adults and kids alike, with great wildlife spotting (sloths, monkeys and birds!), jungle gyms and beautiful views over the city skyline.

Sloth Metropolitan Park

Tennis courts are just a short walk away in El Carmen, crossing Via Brazil and near the Episcopal School.  And the Cinta Costera is a straight shot down Federico Boyd, where you’ve got nearly 15km of running and bike trails along the water.

For gyms, check out PowerClub (high-end, membership is just under $100/month), which has great equipment and personal trainers on location, or Crossfit 507 (where membership is ~$30/month).

And, if you like to mix your running with drinking, sign up to join the Hash House Harriers, “the drinking club with a running problem,” loved by expats and locals alike, which usually departs from El Pavo Real or other nearby bars.

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