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Panama’s Visa Shake-Up – an Updated Guide to Visas and Residency

Panama Friendly Nations Visa: Updated Guide to Visas and Residency Copy

Panama announced changes to visas and temporary residency permits such as the Panama Friendly Nations Visa. None, however, have a big impact on how residency is granted. The government of Panama continues to court foreigners, professionals and investors to consider a move here.   The three changes to residency and visas were as follows: The…

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Panama vs belize

Living in Panama Vs Belize: An Expat Analysis

My name is Kent Davis and I was born and raised in Hawaii. In 2007, I quit my job, broke up with my girlfriend, sold my car, and bought a one-way ticket to Panama. One of the countries I researched before making the move was Belize, a tropical English speaking nation bordering Mexico. Retirement was…

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